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Tuesday, July 21, 2009
One day the well will go dry, and those who have been drinking from it, including those who anticipate drinking from it, will go to the mailbox but there will be no social security check. Believe me, it was a great day when FDR pushed through the Social Security funds at an alarming rate.
Here is something that “takes the cake.” A large group of social security employees went on a retreat recently, according to the news media, in which they spent seven-hundred-thousand dollars of the social security funds. The retreat was necessary, according to their supervisor, because they ere all stressed out from their work and from threats from citizens. The news showed a leader leading the group in swaying back and forth with their hands lifted into the air as a method of relieving tension. I wonder if Gordon and Alexander will enlighten us on the wasteful spending, and will they, along with other politicians, insist on the firing of the high ranking employee who approved this ridiculous trip.
Those who went on that spending spree to relieve their tension need to more to the rural areas, where 1 out of 8 people are hungry, can’t find jobs and can’t but the necessities of life, and then they would really know stress.
A group connected with an Islamic terrorist group held a meeting this past weekend in which they claimed capitalism had failed and that it was time for America to become an Islamic state. The meeting was held in Chicago. Readers, it is later than we think.
“Eyes have they, but they see not” (Psalm 115:5). This passage explains the many failures in life. There are those who are blind, they look but never see. Individuals, even communities fail- they look but never see. They have eyes, but they see not.
This world is filled with many wonderful things for man- if he has the vision to see them. Vision can give one another world. Vision, courage, and perseverance are the roots of great achievements. Individuals are failing, and rural communities are drying up because of the lack of vision. “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18). Dwarfed minds cannot envision good things for themselves or their communities. When greedy men and dwarf minds take over a town it will soon parish. They will look out for their cronies but not the citizens of the town.

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