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Rural Viewpoints with Jimmy Cook

A Nation That Has Forgotten God PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jimmy Cook   
Tuesday, November 20, 2012


            Evolution teaches people to deny God.  We have become a nation that has forgotten God.

            1.  We have murdered 30 million unborn babies in the last 20 years.  We call it abortion; the Bible calls it murder.

            2.  The Bible says that homosexuality is contrary to nature and God (Romans 1:27).  We call it gay or alternate lifestyle—the Bible calls in an abomination.

            3.  The United States uses more grain to make alcohol than to make bread.  For every dollar collected for alcohol taxes, it costs $11.64 to only try to repair the damage done by drinking. 

            4.  The Bible speaks of drunkenness.  We call it alcoholism, sickness, or disease.  The Bible calls it sin.

            5.  Crime in our country costs taxpayers 2 billion dollars per year—53% of all crime is caused by alcohol drink.

                                    From the Voice of Truth, Volume 27

                                    By Kenneth McClain           

                                    Thanks to Mr. McClain for his sobering truths—Jimmy Cook

Liberal Democrat’s Attack on Christianity PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jimmy Cook   
Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The religious freedom granted by the Constitution is continually under attack by the liberal democrats.  Prayers have been removed from school walls.  Countless school districts have been sued for not complying with anti-Christian rules.  Obama stopped the National Day of prayer.  Obama and his followers leave out the term “under God” when they say the “Pledge of Allegiance.”  The grinning monkey does too; Biden that is, but did he did not leave it out prior to Obama?  Nope!  But forgive him, for he knows no better.

            I don’t appreciate any politician attacking my religion—Christianity and I don’t intend to stand by and allow it to happen; that is, without a rebuttal.

            The liberal Democrats are killing the Democrat party.

            And all who vote to give Obama four more years are voting against both their children and grandchildren.  America cannot stand four more years of what she has experienced.

            Obama cannot bring down America unless we allow him to do it.  If this country falls, it will be our fault. 


“The Way of Man” PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jimmy Cook   
Tuesday, September 25, 2012

“O Lord, I know that the way of man is not in himself: it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps” (Jeremiah 10:23). Human life is a “way,” a journey, a pilgrimage. But man’s own judgment is not a safe rule to follow. We need guidance from above. We must recognize the governing power of God. No man has the actually power to govern his own life. The problem of today is man’s attempt to live apart from God and his guidance. The politicians in D.C. want us all to live by their guidance and not what God says. For example, preachers are now being threatened, that if on October 7 they preach against homosexuality, of being arrested and the church where they preach of losing its tax exemption on their contributions. You see, there is a movement across the nation for all preachers to denounce homosexuality as a sin on October 7, and the administration in Washington is warning what will happen if and when they do. It is a Constitutional right to preach the Bible, and Romans chapter 1 is part of the Bible that declares homosexuality to be a sin. So what this boils down to is who are we going to listen to, God or the Democrats? It was during the Johnson Administration that this law was passed by the Democrats denying preachers the right to denounce certain sins claiming it to be political and not religious. I’m going to listen to God, not man. What about you? Politicians and their followers can murder babies, encourage same sex marriage, and sell guns to Mexico, which were used to kill Americans and get by with it, but the judgment isn’t being held today, it will come later, and they will not escape. The eleventh commandment is this: “Thou shalt not get away with it.” God Bless America

Our Certain World PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jimmy Cook   
Tuesday, September 11, 2012

            Many walk in a world of uncertainty because they are afflicted with Forrest Gump’s attitude: “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.”  While we live in an uncertain world, but for the Christian it is also certain, for God is on His throne: “Alleluia: for the Lord God omnipotent reigneth!”  (Revelation 19:6).

            Every morning when Christians get up they can know that God is on His throne.  Sometimes we behave as though God has vacated His throne.  It appears to us as though evil is controlling God’s world.

            Things were not good for the apostle John when he wrote the Book of Revelation.  In fact, he was a prisoner of Rome.  He had been exiled to the Island of Patmos because he refused to say, “Caesar is on the throne;” instead he said, “God is on the throne.”

            Some D.C. politician isn’t on the throne.  God is on the throne, and we can count on Him, for He is a high-performance God.  Though we live in a world of many uncertain things, there are certain things we can depend on, and the greatest certainty of all is the fact that God is on His throne, and the final decision as to what will happen to this world is in His hands.

            In the month of November, Americans will decide on righteousness or unrighteousness.  We need to turn to God for help, as we shoulder our responsibility to help get this nation back on track, for right now it is a run-a-way train, traveling on a broken track.

            We cannot afford four more years of the same.  God is on His throne and we must pray to Him for help.

            God Bless America!

Seven French Fries, But Hold the Hamburger PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jimmy Cook   
Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The lavishly dressed wives of D.C. politicians have decided that the children and youth of America are too fat and they intend to do something about it.  Apparently, some of them haven’t looked into the mirror lately.  It doesn’t bother them when their husband’s pilots crank up the government planes and away they go on a spending spree, including $200 steaks and $100 cocktails, and all at the expense of the American taxpayer, while the poor little children of our nation eat their seven French fries.  That’s right, the do-good liberals of D.C. have exerted enough influence over the federal powers that be to hand down to the school systems of American a daily menu that is robbing our children of food and sending them home hungry.  And when they have hamburgers on the menu they can’t have French fries.  They have to be on separate menus.  Fries, but not with hamburger, and there can be no more than seven fries.  Suppose a compassionate cook were to place 10 fries on a child’s plate, what would be her punishment—10 days in BI without pay?

            I doubt if the President’s family dines without the traditional hamburger and fries.  Keep it up do-gooders, all liberal Democrats, and ya’ll will make Republicans out of America’s children.

            We know being fat isn’t good for us but, the last time I checked, we are living in America.  So living in America we have the freedom to eat what we want and as much as we can hold.  I’m not trying to promote bad eating habits, but I don’t like the direction our country is going—A King, and the rest of us peasants.

            Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, but I “ain’t” cooperating.

            Michelle and all the other ladies in D.C. need to come and visit the Upper Cumberland’s poor school children and watch them eat breakfast on a Monday morning after having gone a weekend without food.

            By the way, you Country Club Republicans who have jello in your back bones are no better than the liberal Democrats who have ruined this country and are on the way to destroying it; you should call the hand of the these menu changers.

            These people are an oxymoron—eating the best of foods while America’s children go hungry.  Our government has authorized food stamps for Mexico; but put our children on a low calorie diet—too low.

            Please be advised that the local school system didn’t plan these menus.  No, they were hatched in D.C. 

            God Bless America!

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