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Look What’s Happening in Public Schools PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jimmy Cook   
Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Muslins aren’t coming.  No, they are already here.  They have weaseled their way into charter schools in America at the expense of U.S. taxpayers.  Many of the charter schools throughout this country are being run by a secretive and powerful sect from Turkey called the Gulen Movement, so named after and headed by a Turkish preacher named Fethullan Gulen who has founded other schools in 100 countries.  The Gulen Movement opened the first U.S. charter school in America in 1999.  Gulen’s schools spread rapidly, when Gulen figured out how to work our system and get U.S. taxpayers to pay for his religious and social movement.  This movement now operates the largest number of charter schools in this country.  In my research I’ve learned this movement has 135 schools, teaching more than 45,000 students in 26 states.  Guess who is paying for this?  You are-the American taxpayer.  These schools have Turkish board members and Turkish teachers who are referred to as “international teachers.”  After the school day is over, before the buses are allowed to leave, the students are taught Islam.  This is brain-washing America’s children, financed by local governments and federal grants.  Charter schools hire and fire their teachers and thus avoid control by educational departments.

            Our dumb politicians are assisting the Muslims in taking over America and slowly turning it into an Islamic state.  Thirty-six Turkish charter schools in Texas have received $100 Million in government funds and 16 percent of the workers are Turkish.

            Don’t let this administration in D.C. steal our heritage.  The propaganda being spread to America’s youth distorts its Founding Fathers, moral values, free market system, and Christianity.  If we continue to ignore this threat, then our children and grandchildren may very well live in an Islamic state.

            Can we afford four more years of mismanagement of the U.S. Government and support of radical Islam?

            I have the constitutional right to believe and say the above.

            God bless America.           

RBS in Retrospect PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jimmy Cook   
Tuesday, March 20, 2012

  Beginning in the late nineteenth century, people, with reasons varying from curiosity to seeking the healing of illnesses, found their way to the valley of “magical springs,” made famous by the founder of Red Boiling Springs, Shepherd Kirby. Soon, the news of the healing powers of the sulfur springs spread far and wide. This resulted in large numbers of people coming to RBS, seeking a remedy for any number of illnesses.

Very few people living in today’s RBS have much knowledge of this little hamlet’s history. I grew up in the mid-forties and early fifties.  As a lad, I was one of the pin-setters at the Palace Bowling Lanes, which consisted of eight alleys. The Smith Chapel Boys, Bobby Joines, Earnest & Doyle Smith, and Billy & Joe Layne Whitley, myself, and others, worked as pin-setters for Clarence McClure and Harold Driver, who were the managers of Palace Lanes.  I earned as much as three dollars on the weekend, beginning Friday night and ending Sunday night, staying open until midnight on Saturdays.  There were not any unions, and each of us was poor and glad to earn a few pennies per week. There were bowling alleys on North Springs Road, near the Arlington Hotel, and at the Cloyd Hotel, known today as the Thomas House, too. In addition to these, there was another at Simmon’s Lake, which was in the lower part of East RBS, along Salt Lick Creek. Bowling was a favorite sport of most tourists. The more lively ones, however, preferred drinking and dancing at one of the two dance halls.

While the Smith Chapel Boys were setting pins, Doyle Gaines was going up and down the sidewalks and porches of the hotels with his now-famous shoe shine box, making a “killing.”  Another well-known boy, Bobby Knight, was popping popcorn at the York Show House.

The crowds were unbelievable, especially on Saturday nights. The Palace Park was always filled with both visitors and local people. Next to the Palace Park was a shooting gallery, operated by King Milles, which attracted large crowds. Across the creek from the Palace Park was a café, owned by the McLerros family, who also owned both the Palace and Colonial Hotels. The café was managed by my parents from April through Labor Day. It stayed open all night on Fridays and Saturdays. An annual summer circus and carnival attracted even more visitors.

There was a time, before the days of which I’ve been writing, when the crowds were so large that visitors to RBS would go out in the county and stay at farm houses.

But time has a way of changing things and communities are no exception. There was a time, in the early twentieth century, believe it or not, when Red Boiling Springs was more popular than Gatlinburg. However as older generations were replaced by younger ones who had little love for the town’s heritage, the handwriting on the wall became clear to those who dared to read it.

More recently, a group of elected officials closed down the sulpher wells and in so doing erased much of the history of our town. Only a handful of elected officials have supported the three hotels which are being operated by three great families. The only thing that could have kept RBS alive, and it is best suited for this very thing, is the concept of a small and desirable place to escape the turmoil of large cities. Perhaps one day, with the support of the entire community, the City of Red Boiling Springs will rise again. Otherwise all that it is, and all that it once was, is in jeopardy.

Mr. President, Buy Your Energy Secretary A Duck PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jimmy Cook   
Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The story is told of an elderly lady who was in the market for a watch dog. Eventually she purchased what was described as an excellent guard dog. To her dismay the dog had a hard time staying awake. Instead of barking and scaring off varmints and thieves, this highly recommended guard dog would sleep. She told her story to a friend, who quickly solved her problem. “I’ll tell you what,” she said, “I’ve got a duck who is a buddy to my watch dog, and everytime my guard dog tries to go to sleep, the duck pecks him on the nose and quacks.” So she continued, “Come over to my house and get my duck and  he’ll break your dog of his sleepy habits.” She did, and her friend was right. Peck, quack, peck, quack. Soon the dog was weaned from his sleepy habits.

Gardening PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I’m often asked questions about gardening, and enjoy responding as best I can. Many of my students have far surpassed me in their knowledge and gardens, thank goodness. Through the years I’ve gradually developed a curriculum and am ready to share it with a wider audience.

How To Catch A Monkey PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I’m told that one of the oldest methods of catching a monkey is to cut a small hole in a gourd, tie it to a tree, and then fill it up with seeds in the hollowed-out gourd.

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