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The Difficulties of Life PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jimmy Cook   
Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We’ve all heard it said, “Life is not a bed of roses.”  That’s true.  One can do all that is right, and strive to be all that one is supposed to be, and still difficulties will arise.  Some troubles occur because of the choices family members or friends make or have made.  Some troubles come as a result of our own decisions.  Then some occur as the result of living in an imperfect world.  But there are also inward troubles.  Sometimes we are upset, maybe angry, or worried, or depressed, struggling with life.

            We can’t blame God for our difficulties, for he didn’t create them.  However, he does permit us to experience them.  Without them, we would never become strong.  We are not self-sufficient, and we need to learn that.  This is why we need to be close to God at all times.

            The Christian life is not problem-free living.  It is bound up in the strength of God.  To know God and to honor him no matter what the difficulty is should be the Christian goal. 

            Right now, not tomorrow, we have a major difficulty facing all of us:  Will we take back America with all of her liberties and great values, or will we allow Hillary Clinton to be elected President and follow in the steps of Obama, reducing America to a third world country and robbing all of us of the freedom our fathers, grandfathers, yea, grandfathers fought for and died?  Pray to God daily about this problem.  Lift up your voice in sincerity and honesty and defeat the destructive plans of liberals and untrue Americans.  The enemies of the Constitution and true Democracy must not be allowed to destroy our nation.  Be a real American and a real Christian and lift up your voice for the America we once knew.

            God Bless Us!

The Need For Peace PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jimmy Cook   
Tuesday, August 13, 2013

In my viewpoint, there are very few awards that are respected as much as the Peace Prize.

            The prize was part of Alfred Nobel’s last will and testament.  I didn’t know until recently that he was the man who invented dynamite in 1866.  In a few years he had a total of 20 factories and laboratories all over the world for the research and development of his invention.  But in later life, he saw how his invention could cause great harm, and was hurt by it.  I am told that when he was on his death bed that he set rules for the Nobel Prizes, the most important of which would be the Peace Prize.

            The best way to spread peace is by spreading God’s message all over the world, the gospel of peace.  Christians have their arguments, but especially some preachers.  Preachers should be peacemakers, and not peace breakers.  Some use tactics that are not rooted in love.  Others are ignorant of the truth and create a disturbance.

            There are those in the community who are far from peace loving souls, who by their crude manners retard the improvement of the community in which they live.  I don’t know about you, but I have no respect for peace breakers who adorn themselves with ignorance while they parade around in their hillbilly wardrobe.

            Don’t forget, too, the White House has been far from peace-loving.

            Pray for America!

“In God We Trust” PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jimmy Cook   
Tuesday, July 30, 2013

            On this day in 1956 President Dwight Eisenhower approved a law passed by Congress that made “In God We Trust” the national motto of the United States.  In 1966, it was added to all paper money.  Our national currency may be stamped with “In God We Trust,” but our heart is not.  Day by day, week by week, month by month, and year by year, we are drifting farther away from God.  This pleases the atheists, the liberals and a host of others whose agenda is to lead the citizens of this country away from God. 

            Godly people are objecting to our government pushing for a common core study for all students in America--an objection that is rooted in godliness.  For the intent of the common core study is to brain-wash the students of our nation by turning them away from the messages of Christianity.  The textbooks which will be eventually adopted will be written as to make abortion, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and pre-marital sex acceptable to educated people.  The Bible as a moral guide will largely disappear from our culture.

            It is not in God we trust today, but in wealth, in power, and in crooked politicians who occupy the seats in Congress. 

            We can trust in God today, or watch our nation fade from history tomorrow.  If you are afraid of Obama and the rest of the change agents today, then I pity you and the children of tomorrow who will suffer at the hands of America’s enemies within.  Pray for our weak leaders, but do more than pray, take a stand for God and this nation.

Before the Mayflower Landed… PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jimmy Cook   
Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our forefathers were smart.  In fact they were geniuses, for they carved out of the wilderness a paradise and enacted rules and laws that enabled the newcomers to enjoy a freedom that would increase as America grew and became the symbol of liberty and the land of opportunity.  Before the pilgrims landed, the men on board drew up rules to live by for they knew without rules to govern them their adventure would be a failure.  The rules became known as the Mayflower Compact and became a guiding light to multiplied millions that were soon to land on the shores of North America.

            Unfortunately, these men of wisdom par excellence were in later years succeeded by idiots in D.C. who are attempting to run America with rules rooted in their own misguided philosophies.  There were no liberals, baby murderers, homosexuals, or parasites on the Mayflower.  The ones who were allowed to leave debtor prisons to make their journey to the new land stood head and shoulders above the so-called leaders in our country who have messed us up.  How can the so-called conservatives in D.C., including some of the Republicans who are flirting with the views of Liberal Democrats, stand by and allow the White House Bunch to ignore laws while shredding some laws.  A current illustration of this is an attempt by the White House to have George Zimmerman tried again for something that he has already been exonerated from and by law he cannot be tried again.  There are some so-called leaders in this country who are fanning the fires of violence hoping that the masses of people throughout the land will march for a case that according to the law is already closed. 

            Some may not like it, but those of us who believe in this country and our laws need to “stand our ground.”  Otherwise, we will wake up one morning and our freedom will be gone.

RBS High Named Among the “Best High Schools” by US News PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jimmy Cook   
Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Below is an exciting headline and paragraph concerning Red Boiling Springs High School:

            RBSHS named among the best high schools by US News. 

            Red Boiling Springs High School was named this year’s US News best high schools.  The school received a bronze rating.  Of the 350 schools in Tennessee, five were awarded gold medals, 18 earned silver medals, and 66 earned bronze medals.  The stats used are always current—these are from the 2012-2013 school year.  The school is listed as having an Algebra proficiency of 2.5 (47% of the students are proficient).  And an English proficiency of 2.6 (59% of students are proficient).

            This is the second time RBSHS has won the bronze award from US News.  In 2004 RBS High was also the recipient of the above mentioned award.  We salute Don Jones, the Principal of the high school, English teachers Chad Butler and Tammy Marlow, and Math teachers Angela Ballard and Tammy Kirts.  Time and time again studies have proven that the best schools are the small schools.

            We are proud of the educators and students at RBS High and we thank the very great elementary teachers at RBS for their hard work in getting their students ready for the upper grades.  For the 6 ½ years I have been on the School Board, it has been a joy to watch the two schools at RBS move forward academically.  A special thanks to all the teachers and staff at the two schools.

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