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Uneven Playing Field PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, May 4, 2010
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One would have to have his head in the sand not to take note of how much the news media slants stories. If you are pro-abortion, you are called pro-choice. If you are pro-life, and I am, you are called anti-abortion. Then the unborn baby is called a fetus. Abortion is called a medical procedure. As far as the truth is concerned, the news media is worthless. The news media is liberal, and stops just short of lying in reporting the news. Slanting the news is their game.

Spring Garden PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, April 27, 2010
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April is the month of planting the spring garden. Onions go in first, and then potatoes. These are the two crops that the king’s deer don’t eat, so we don’t have to plant them inside the deer fence. All other vegetables and fruits can be destroyed if unprotected.

I Protest PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, April 27, 2010
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I protest! This country was built upon the freedom to protest. I’m not thinking of riots, but of honest protesting because over Nation’s stability s at risk. When protesting is outlawed, then our liberties and freedoms will be gone. When there gone, they will never be regained. Freedom of speech grants me the right to peacefully express my views. Those who threaten protesters by insisting that they will agiate the loose cannons among us to violence are simply trying to stop the protest movement that is currently sweeping America. They are protestors as well- attempting to silence all who are against Big Government.

“Composted” Chicken Litter PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, April 20, 2010
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“Composted” chicken litter is not compost or a fertilizer. It is a toxic waste product from a horrible industrial process known as commercial chicken houses. The small and poisons create ill feelings with neighbors and it pollutes the land and water, besides the air. The only place it should be spread is on the heads of those who profit from the broiler industry, but they live in other countries.

We’ve been making compost for the 2011 crop. The ground is still a little cold for planting most vegetables, so we are holding back. There will be plenty of time for gardening.

The Truth In Love… Take It or Leave It. PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, April 20, 2010
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The wise King Solomon wrote, “Buy the truth and sell it not…Proverbs 23:23), but most seem more interested in selling the truth than buying it. Our times desperately need the truth, but they need it in love.

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