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Seizing and Dismantling Private Property and Businesses PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, March 31, 2009
Will the House and Senate give the Obama administration the authority to seize private owned business when it appears that the companies are in financial jeopardy? The Secretary of Treasury is coveting that power.  What he is requesting is unconstitutional, but it seems that the Constitution has been discarded to expand the Federal Government. Otherwords, if the Feds believe a bank, small or large, a business of any type, including a farm, isn’t financially sound, then it would be taken over, leaving its owners in the lost column.
Onions the first crop PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, March 24, 2009
Onions are the first crop to go out in the fields. Four boxes of bunches arrived via UPS, and I knew it was time to get busy. I loaded the manure spreader and quickly had a breakdown. So I unloaded it by hand. The other spreader flung three loads out before it messed up and I unloaded the last load by hand. I tiredly ran the chisel plow though the field at dusk.
Duct Taping God PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, March 24, 2009
Do the enemies of God really believe that they can rid the world of Him by “Duct Taping” his name? Believe it or not, it happened recently in Mount Juliet Tennessee at the Lakeview Elementary School, where some children had tacked a poster board on the wall which read, “God Bless America”. The Alliance Defense Fund contends that Lakeview’s Principal, Stan Moss, Assistance Principal, Hettie Allgood, and Director of Schools, Mike Davis, forced the students to cover up reference to God on the poster including “In God we trust” and “God bless the USA”. If students can write about God, and according to court rulings in the past they can, then why can’t the words God be used on a poster? If students can read about God in their text books, then why can’t they make reference to him on a poster board?
Hidden Alchemy PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, March 17, 2009
“For there is a hidden alchemy in the organic process. This hidden alchemy really transmutes the potash, for instance, into nitrogen, provided only that the potash is working properly in the organic process. Nay more, it even transforms into nitrogen the limestone, the chalky nature, if it is working rightly. The fact is that under the influence of hydrogen, limestone and potash are constantly being transmuted into something very like nitrogen, and at length into actual nitrogen. And the nitrogen which is formed in this way is of the greatest benefit to plant-growth.”
Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Is the above about to happen?  No, it is already occurring.  The America we knew is rapidly changing, thanks to ignorant and corrupt politicians.  America is becoming interwoven with the economy, government, and religion of other nations.  As the result, our freedoms are threatened as never before
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