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Search of Gamaliel Rd. Home Leads to Three Meth Arrests PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jessie Williams   
Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Officers of the Macon County Sheriff’s Department recently arrested three individuals for their involvement in the manufacture and sale of methamphetamine.

According to Detective Donnie Crawford, numerous residents in the Gamaliel Rd. area in Red Boiling Springs began contacting their department with concerns about the traffic in and out of the residence located at 300 Gamaliel Road. Some even witnessing what they believe to be drug deals going down outside the property.

Detective Crawford and Detective Ron Smith then conducted a three-week surveillance investigation of the residence in question.

“We observed several cars coming to the residence and then leaving after a short time,” said Detective Crawford. “On two occasions we also witnessed a male and female occupant smoking a joint on the porch.”

After compiling their evidence, officers were able to obtain a search warrant on July 11, which was executed that afternoon.

During their search of the property officers discovered coffee filters, lithium batteries, Coleman fuel along with other precursors for the manufacture of methamphetamine in a downstairs bedroom.

Upstairs, officers found two plastic bottles with tubing, a Mason jar filled with Coleman fuel and other drug paraphernalia consistent with a shake-and-bake meth lab.

Joseph Lee Vibbert, 27, and Samantha Jeanne Gregory, 23, were arrested on charges of promotion of methamphetamine (2 counts), intent to manufacture methamphetamine (2 counts) and simple possession. Their bond is set at $41,000. David Wayne Tackett, Jr., 23, was arrested on charges of promotion of methamphetamine (2 counts) and intent to manufacture methamphetamine (2 counts). His bond is set at $30,000.

An elderly woman, Tackett’s grandmother, also resided in the home. She was relocated with family. 

Macon County Receives $3,058,970 Grant PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debbie Gregory   
Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Macon County Mayor Shelvy Linville and 911 Director Steve Jones.

Macon County has recently received a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) in the amount of $3,058,970, in a disaster application following the 2008 tornado and 2010 flood. Several projects are underway and I talked with 911 Director Steve Jones early Monday morning about what’s in store for Lafayette emergency agencies in light of the two disaster situations we’ve faced in the last few years.

“Macon County has recently received a disaster recovery grant and Fay Leonard of Vantage Consulting is the grant writer for this project,” said 911 Director Steve Jones. “The 2008 tornado and the 2010 flood made us eligible for a grant and we basically laid out a lot of things the Macon County emergency agencies could use and it was accepted.”

According to Director Jones, West Macon County Rescue Squad is getting a rescue truck, which has already been bid out and ordered. “It was approximately $96,000,” said Jones. “And we’ve already bid out a 3,000 gallon tanker truck for the Lafayette Fire Department to increase their capacity to have water available when they have a fire in the rural parts of Macon County.”

In another part of the grant Jones said they had already bid out and would be receiving water rescue equipment and training. “We are going to be training guys in water rescue and Red Boiling Springs Fire & Rescue and Willette Fire Department have agreed to man the team on the east side,” continued the Director. “Macon County Rescue, West Macon Rescue, and the Lafayette Fire Department have agreed to man the team on the west side of the county and in the middle. So, we will have two water rescue teams in the county.”

The county will receive utility vehicles or ATV’s, and each rescue squad along with the 911-EMA will be getting one. “During the tornado, a lot of times the only way you could get into help people was an ATV or utility vehicle,” explained Jones. “The ambulance service will also be getting one with a special bed that can transport a patient they can’t get an ambulance to.”
Jones says they will be putting up 14 emergency warning sirens across the county and they will install them in populated areas. “An example is one that is being installed in the Spring Creek Road area,” the Director said. “ Besides Spring Creek, it will cover Maple Terrace, Maple Grove, Wind Curve, and the trailer park.”

“We will be putting up three communication towers, one in the east, west and middle of the county and they are doing environmental studies on that right now,” he said. “This is a big part of the grant and over 1.5 million dollars will be spent to improve emergency services communications, which is law enforcement, EMS, fire and rescue.”

Jones said, “Currently all of our communication antennas are scattered around on the water tanks and with the FCC’s mandate for us to narrow band our radio frequencies. The departments have lost coverage and are having a lot of interference with the radio systems. So, the towers will hopefully help this problem, and get our radio systems redesigned, which have been a nightmare lately.”

The director went on to say that the county doesn’t have a morgue and recently the EMS had to transport a body to Sumner County to hold.  “We will be building a staging area, which is actually a warehouse type building that will include a morgue area, where bodies can be transported until families can be notified or a destination can be determined.”

“We’re also working to purchase a new computer aided dispatch, software package (CAD) for each of the dispatching agencies to be working from. Right now, the EMS has one type, Sheriff has one type, and the police have one type. We want one that is the same for all of them.”

“We have been working on this grant since 2011 and it will serve Macon County well. You never know when the next disaster might develop. We want to be able to protect the folks in our county to the best of our ability,” said Director Jones.

Added County Mayor Linville, “I am certainly pleased that this disaster grant was approved and I want to thank grant writer, Fay Leonard, and 911 Director Steve Jones for all the hard work they did to secure this grant.”


Celebration of Barbara Oliver's Service to Ladies Auxiliary PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debbie Gregory   
Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Barbara Oliver

On Sunday, July 14, at 2:00 p.m. Barbara Oliver will be honored with a celebration of her 16 years of service as President of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars at the Lafayette VFW Hall, located on Main Street.

Barbara was born in Coffeeville, Mississippi, where she was Salutatorian of the 1954 graduating class of the local high school. She moved to Lafayette in 1995, after her husband passed away the year before, to set up lingerie cutting for Freddie Scruggs at SBF, in the old Formfit Rogers building.

She first joined the Ladies Auxiliary in 1967 in Mississippi, where she held several offices. After moving to Lafayette and transferring to the Ladies Auxiliary of the VFW Post #7135, she was elected President in 1997.

Barbara has been the District #4 President, Sr. Vice President, Guard and Conductress along with several state positions.

Her prestigious awards in Macon County include Who’s Who of American Women, 23rd edition; a 2001 Walmart #829 plaque for her dedication, hard work, and time given to our community and to those who have served our great country; 2009 Walmart plaque for leadership & service to the men and women who serve and protect our great nation; State of Tennessee Mary D. Cochran award for leadership in the Ladies Auxiliary VFW; numerous state and national awards for her accomplishments in the 45 years of volunteer work for veterans, including the homeless veterans for 19 of those years; and the Bronze Medallion for the Tennessee Auxiliary President of the year 2001-2002.

Everyone is invited to attend this celebration and tea and snacks will be served. Members are requesting anyone who has a heartfelt story of an event during Barbara’s 16 years of services as Ladies Auxiliary President, to please speak. “Don’t worry, she is still extremely active in the VFW but is just sharing some of the fun,” said Mickey Newsome. “Also if you would like any information about the VFW or Ladies Auxiliary, please attend and someone will be happy to answer any questions, or contact me at 501-416-3090.”

Barbara’a late husband was in the Navy during WWII and her brother was a Captain in the Marines for 20 years before retiring. She has two children, Mitchell Carver Oliver and Susan Annelle Oliver.

The Macon County Chronicle pays tribute to Barbara Oliver for her dedicated service to our veterans and her contributions to the community.

Wisconsin Fugitive Caught in Macon County PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jessie Williams   
Tuesday, July 2, 2013

David Coram

Lafayette resident, 50-year-old David Coram, was arrested in a Macon County courtroom on Wednesday, June 26, when it was discovered during his court hearing that a ‘fugitive from justice’ warrant had recently been issued for his arrest out of Wausau, Wisconsin.

The warrant, issued on June 19, 2013, stated that Coram had violated his parole following charges of possession of child pornography in Wisconsin.

According to Macon County General Sessions Court records, Coram was scheduled to appear in Macon County court to face charges of violating the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry Law.

The local affidavit of complaints, written on June 11, 2013, state that Coram purchased a home at 101 Walton Ave. in Lafayette, which is within 1,000 of a public park and is a violation of the sex offender registry due to his child pornography conviction in Wisconsin. Court documents also list Mr. Coram as living at 604 John Street in Lafayette.

Further investigation by officers also showed that Coram had two E-mail accounts that had not been placed on the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry, as required by law.

When Coram appeared in court, the judge was notified of the outstanding warrant in Wisconsin and Coram was booked into the Macon County Jail while awaiting extradition.

Authorities Conduct Drug Roundup PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debbie Gregory   
Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Over the past year the 15th Judicial Drug Task Force has been operating an under cover drug investigation in Macon County and with assistance from the Lafayette Police Department they launched  “Operation Clean Up” on Friday, June 28. They rounded up suspects who were indicted in the June session of the Grand Jury. There were 30 sealed indictments involving either methamphetamine or pills.

The Lafayette Police Station was used as headquarters and also assisting the drug agency were the Smith County Sheriffs Office, Sheriff Steve Hooper, Trousdale County Sheriffs Office, and Sheriff Mark Gammons.

“This investigation has been going on for over a year,” said Drug Task Force Director Mike Thompson, “and all the charges are involving methamphetamine and pills.”

Thompson says they served over 20 indictments last Friday and there are still a few people at large. “We will pick up the other suspects when we find them and we actually have a subject as far away as West Virginia,” Thompson said.

“Every county, city and community, has a severe drug problem,” said Thompson, “and the City of Lafayette takes the initiative to combat the problem. Macon County has an active enforcement in the drug activity and they are better off than the counties who don’t. The Lafayette Police Department has been a member of the Drug Task Force from the very beginning and they are very conscious of the health and well being of the citizens.”

Thompson says they appreciate the support of the Lafayette City police. “I would like to thank them for supporting the Drug Task Force.”

Formerly sealed indictments include:

Lauren Joan Perez, 27, of 811 Pumpkintown Rd. in RBS, was charged with manufacturing of narcotics (2 cts.) on June 28. Bond is set at $20,000.

Johnny Dewayne Stafford, 38, of 5278 New Harmony Rd. in Hartsville, was charged with manufacturing of narcotics (2 cts.) on June 28. Bond is set at $10,000.

Jerry Wayne Wooten, 21, of 2405 Hanestown Rd. in Westmoreland, was charged with intent to manufacture methamphetamine and manufacture of narcotics on June 28. Bond is set at $2,000.

Patrick Wayne Stewart, 27, of 623 Chitwood Dr. in Lafayette, was charged with unlawful possession of weapon, simple possession (3 cts.), possession of drug paraphernalia, intent to manufacture methamphetamine, manufacture of narcotics and promotion of meth manufacture on June 28. Bond is set at $10,000.

Brian David Hale, 37, of 216 Donoho Ave. in Lafayette, was charged with possession of a Schedule VI drug on June 28.

Georgina Lynn Payne, 33, of 618 Aberdeene Ct. in Bowling Green, Ky., was charged with fraud: forged prescription (3 cts.) and Schedule II drug violations (2 cts.) on June 29. Bond is set at $2,000.

Patricia Lynn Boles, 56, of 219 Hillsdale Estates Lane in Dixon Springs, Tn., was charged with manufacture of narcotics on June 29. Bond is set at $1,500.

Shavonda Lynn Norris, 28, of 5255 Scottsville Road in Lafayette, was charged with Schedule II drug violations and promotion of meth manufacture on June 30. Bond is set at $3,000.

Daniel Lee Evans, 29, of 162 Henry Circle in Lafayette, was charged with fraud: forged prescription (3 cts.), promotion of meth manufacture and manufacture of narcotics (3 cts.) on June 30. Bond is set at $10,000.

Fanessa Lynn Duke, 43, of 745 Hall Lane in Lafayette, was charged with manufacture of narcotics (2 cts.) on June 28.

Daniel Lee Evans, 29, of 162 Henry Circle in Lafayette, was charged with fraud: forged prescription (3 cts.), promotion of meth manufacture and manufacture of narcotics (3 cts.) on June 30. Bond is set at $10,000.

Danny Wayne Kelly, 53, of 985 Tuck Rd. in Lafayette, was charged with manufacture of narcotics on June 28. Bond is set at $1,500.

Katie Beth Slayton, 23, of 75 Polston Ave. in Lafayette, was charged with maufacture of narcotics (2 cts.) on June 28. Bond is set at $10,000.

April Lavita Long, 63, of 413B Wells Dr. in Lafayette, was charged with Schedule III drug violations and fraud; forged prescription on June 28. Bond is set at $2,000.

Samantha Jeanne Gregory, 23, of 3468 E. Stinson Rd. in Lafayette, was charged with intent to manufacture meth, Schedule II drug violations, promotion of meth manufacture, Schedule III drug violations, simple possession (2 cts.) and possession of drug paraphernalia on June 28. Bond is set at $5,000.

A criminal court date has been set for July 1 for all the suspects listed above.

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