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William Beasley Indicted in Macon County PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debbie Gregory   
Tuesday, October 21, 2014

William Beasley

William Alexander Beasley, of Lafayette, has been indicted by the Macon County Grand Jury.

According to the Macon County Sheriffs Office, Beasley is charged as a co defendant in a Long Creek Road burglary after he was caught on video with the stolen items at Lebanon Pawn Shop in Wilson County. He was also involved in an attack with a couple of inmates at the Macon County Jail and he was charged with assault.

Beasley also faces charges in Smith County, along with Duwayne Edward Perdue, following a September 4 high speed police chase that began in Carthage and ended in a field in neighboring Trousdale County. He was charged with evading arrest, felony possession of drug paraphernalia, criminal trespassing, providing false report/information, criminal impersonation and introduction of contraband into a mail. Methamphetamine was found on him when he was booked into the Smith County Jail.

Woman Sells Drugs to Undercover Officer in School Zone PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jessie Williams   
Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Candi Leigh Stafford

According to Macon County Sheriff Mark Gammons, 25-year-old Candi Leigh Stafford of Red Boiling Springs, was arrested on Wednesday, October 8, for selling drugs to an undercover officer in a Macon County school zone.

After receiving information concerning the distribution of narcotics, the sheriff’s department set up surveillance and as the operation continued, an undercover law enforcement officer was able to purchase a Schedule III prescription drug from Candi Stafford in a school zone area on the east side of the county.

Stafford was immediately taken into custody by Macon County Sheriff’s Department detectives and transported to the Macon County Jail.

She was charged with buy/sell/delivery/distribution of a Schedule III drug and a drug-free school zone violation. 

 Stafford was placed under a $10,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in General Sessions Court on October 20, 2014.

Grand Jury Returns Indictments PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debbie Gregory   
Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Macon County Grand Jury met on Friday, October 10, before Judge John Wootten and returned fifty-five true bills, eight no true, sixty sealed and five hold. 

Indictments returned include:

Joshua A. Archer - Harassment.

Jennifer Dawn Ashworth - Aggravated statutory rape.

Jeffrey A. Baker - DUI (4th), driving while license revoked (2nd), parking on highway, registration expired, financial responsibility.

Billy V. Bandy Jr. - Theft of propery.

William Alexander Beasley - Assault-physical.

William Alexander Beasley - Aggravated burglary, theft of property ($1,000-$10,000).

Glen Edward Berry - Driving while license suspended, unlawful use of driver’s license, seat belt law.

John T. Biggs - Probation violation.

Chancy Leann Birnbaum - Forgery ($1,000-$10,000).

Kayla Blankenship - Driving while license suspended, possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia uses & activities.

Kayla Blankenship - driving while license suspended.

Marty E. Boles - Schedule IV drugs, mfg/del/sell/poss.

Patricia G. Boles - Schedule IV drugs, mfg/del/sell/poss.

Sherman Brady - Driving while license revoked, financial responsibility law, vehicle registration-improper use.

Bria Danielle Brewer - Driving while license revoked, leaving the scene of an accident with property damage.

Jeremy Brigge-Peachock - Probation violation.

William Garrett Brown - Theft of property ($500-$1,000).

Micah B. Burnley - Possession unlawful drug paraphernalia uses & activities, schedule II drugs: meth, promoting methamphetamine manufacture.

Brenda Cantrell - Domestic assault, vandalism ($1,000-$10,000), disorderly conduct, aggravated assault-domestic.

Chad Carman - Aggravated burglary, theft up to $500, theft of property ($1,000-$10,000), schedule VI drugs-marijuana.

Heather Aguirre Carter - Child abuse/neglect/endangerment 8 yrs. or less, child abuse/neglect endangerment, public intoxication.

Kyle Carver - Aggravated burglary, theft of property ($1,000-$10,000).

Kyle Carver - Driving while license suspended.

Courtney Dawn Clayton - Theft of property ($500-$1,000).

Eddie Coulter - Schedule IV drugs mfg/del/sell/poss, schedule III drugs mfg/del/sell/poss.

Joey Lynn Crawford - DUI (1st).

Kaleb N. Cross - Speeding, driving on wrong side of road, vehicle/stop at all stop signs, reckless endangerment-vehicle, muffler law, evading arrest flight-vehicle, reckless driving, driving while license suspended.

Charles L. Doak Jr. - Aggravated trespassing.

Charles L. Doak Jr. - Violation of order of protection/restraining order, possession of a weapon to go armed.

Charles L. Doak Jr. - Worthless checks- up to $500.

Bobby G. Ervin - Promoting methamphetamine manufacture, initiate manufacture of methamphetamine, aggravated domestic assault, possession of a weapon-convicted felon.

Bobby G. Ervin - Domestic assault.

Christopher Todd Ferguson - Probation violation.

Joshua Frederick - Obedience to any required traffic control device, driving while license revoked-2nd, financial responsibility law, possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia.

Joshua Frederick - Speeding, reckless driving, seat belt law, registration certificate must be carried, financial responsibility law, evading arrest, driving while license revoked, reckless endangerment-no weapon involved.

Thomas M. Gammons - Aggravated statutory rape.

Corey Evan Garner - Aggravated burglary, theft of property ($10,000-$60,000), vandalism up to $500.

James Luke Graves - Child abuse/neglect/endangerment 8 yrs or less, possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia uses & activities.

Terrisa Lee Green - Possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia, simple possession, promoting methamphetamine manufacture.

Nathan Alan Gregory - Burglary, theft of property ($1,000-$10,000).

Chandra Elkins Griffith - Simple possession, possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia.

George Marshall Hale II - Theft of property ($10,000-$60,000), accessory after the fact.

Vickie J. Hamilton - Schedule III drugs mfg/del/sell/poss.

Paul Harris Jr. - Schedule VI drugs.

Laura Brittany Herrington - Aggravated assault.

Danielle Hilderbran - Promoting methamphetamine manufacture.

Jason Holloway - Vehicle turning left at intersection, DUI (4th), implied consent, financial responsibility law, simple possession, poss. of unlawful drug paraphernalia.

Marcus Dale Hudson - Impliled consent, DUI (2nd), financial responsibility law, poss. of unlawful drug paraphernalia.

James Jackson - Registration expired, DUI (1st), promoting methamphetamine manufacture.

Jotham Paul Jones - Aggravated burglary, theft of property ($500-$1,000), vandalism up to $500, theft of property ($1,000-$10,000), possession of a weapon-convicted felon.

Jotham Paul Jones - Theft of property ($500-$1,000).

Jotham Paul Jones - Burglary, vandalism up to $500, theft up to $500.

Matthew L. Jones - Probation violation.

Samantha Gregory Jones - Promoting methamphetamine manufacture, initiate manufacture of methamphetamine, simple possession.

Jonathan L. Kee - DUI (3rd), driving while license revoked, drivers to exercise due care, improper passing, possession without prescription unlawful, seat belt law, registration law, financial responsibility.

Tony Lee King - Speeding, evading arrest, DUI (1st), open container, simple poss.

James S. Knight - Burglary, theft of property ($1,000-$10,000), vandalism up to $500.

Susie A. Likens - Probation violation.

Andrea Nicole Swanner Lowhorn - Harassment.

Keri Mayberry - Theft of property ($1,000-$10,000).

Jessica S. Moore - Forgery up to $1,000, theft up to $500.

Ashley R. Morrow - Child abuse/neglect/endangerment 8 yrs or less.

Corey Lynden Newberry - Domestic assault.

Corey Lynden Newberry - DUI (2nd), violation of order of protection.

Jesse Allen Newberry - Assault-bodily injury.

Peter T. O’Connor - Speeding, reckless driving, reckless endangerment.

Kevin L. Perdue - Probation violation.

Krissy Renee Pippin - DUI (1st).

Jacob Pitman - Aggravated burglary, theft of property ($10,000-$60,000).

Jacob Pitman - Theft of property ($10,000-$60,000).

David Andrew Price - Theft of property ($500-$1,000).

Joey Pruitt - Theft of property, aggravated criminal trespass, burglary.

Joey Pruitt - Criminal trespass.

Joey Pruitt - Theft of property up to $500, burglary, aggravated criminal trespass.

Joey Pruitt - Driving while license suspended, financial responsibility, poss. unlawful drug paraphernalia, unlawful removal of registration, unlawful, unregistered vehicle on the highway.

Joey Pruitt - Driving while license suspended, drivers to exercise due care.

Terra Pruitt - Theft up to $500, driving while license suspended, unlawful removal of registration, financial responsibility law, seat belt law, drivers license to be carried and exhibited, drivers to exercise due care.

Terra Pruitt - Driving while license suspended, speeding, failure to appear on citation, reckless driving, evading arrest, fnancial responsibility law, unlawful removal of registration.

Paul Ramsey - Probation violation.

Anthony R. Raney - Probation violation.

Joshua P. Ray - Driving while license revoked, aggravated assault, DUI (4th), theft of property.

Joshua P. Ray - Theft up to $500, disorderly conduct.

Bobbi S. Reece - Probation violation.

Amanda Mae Richardson - DUI (2nd), driving on the right.

Justin Riddle - DUI (1st), driving while license revoked, seat belt law.

Tonya A. Robinson - Theft of property.

Joshua A. Sadler - Domestic assault.

Joshua A. Sadler - Promoting methamphetamine manufacture, initiate manufacture of methamphetamine, aggravated child abuse.

Irma Sanchez - Child abuse.

Elizabeth Ann Sharp - Vandalism ($1,000-$10,000), domestic assault.

Harry A. Simmons III - Driving while license revoked, financial reponsibility.

Mark Anthony Smith - Schedule III drugs mfg/del/sell/poss.

Paul Spencer - DUI (1st), implied consent.

Tommy Allen Spivey - Aggravated assault.

Brenda Kay Stafford - Probation violation.

Frankie D. Sullivan - Habitual traffic offender, driving while license revoked.

Jason D. Taylor - Simple possession.

Jason D. Taylor - Schedule II drugs mfg/del/sell/poss., schedule II drugs: meth.

Jason D. Taylor - Probation violation.

Shelia Ann Taylor - Simple possession.

Jason Dontae Tirjan - Burglary-auto, vandalism up to $500, theft up to $500.

Jason Dontae Tirjan - Theft of property ($1,000-$10,000).

William Arthur Webster 4th - DUI (3rd), driving while license revoked.

Tyler Lee West - Schedule II drugs-cocaine, simple possession.

Tyler Lee West - Probation violation.

Sky Lynn White - Spotlighting deer, wildlife rules and regulations violation.

Sky Lynn White - Promoting methamphetamine manufacture.

Cody F. Woodard - DUI (4th), driving while license revoked, financial responsibility.

Matthew Lee Woodard - Driving while license revoked.

Stanley L. Young - Aggravated criminal trespass, burglary, theft of property ($1,000-$10,000).

Stanley L. Young - Theft of property ($1,000-$10,000), theft of property ($500-$1,000).

Tobey Wettig Pleads on Monday PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debbie Gregory   
Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tobey Wettig

Tobey Wettig pled to Reckless Aggravated Assault in the shooting incident of Tommy Hillard at the intersection of Ellington Drive and Church Street, near Hometown Foods on March 14, 2013. He received a sentence of two years under judicial diversion (suspended sentence) in the courtroom of Judge Brody Kane.

As you may recall around 5:30 p.m. on that Thursday afternoon in 2013, LPD Chief Stacy Gann said that a 911 call came in stating that a male individual had been shot at the intersection. Gann said upon arriving at the scene he found that 41-year-old Tommy Hillard had been wounded by gunfire.

The chief immediately contacted District Attorney General Tommy Thompson and Assistant DA Justin Harris and advised them of the situation. He requested assistance from the TBI.

After obtaining information that led to a suspect, the TBI arrested Tobey Wettig, at 557 Church Street on Saturday, March 16. According to the TBI, Wettig was driving home that Thursday when an unknown motorist began driving close to him, which angered Wettig. After the suspect turned into his driveway the other motorist continued toward the intersection of Church Street and Ellington Drive. Wettig parked his vehicle at the edge of his driveway, pulled out his handgun and fired in the direction of the other motorist, hitting Tommy Hillard.

Wettig was charged with one count of aggravated assault and one county of reckless endangerment involving Hillard and four other counts of reckless endangerment for the individuals who were in the vicinity when he shot in their direction.

 His charge was amended from aggravated assault to reckless aggravated assault. 

Barefoot Farmer Receives $100,000 Grant PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debbie Gregory   
Tuesday, October 7, 2014


The Barefoot Farmer (Jeff Poppen) has been educating people for many years about growing their own food and the importance of eating locally thru his newspaper column in the Macon County Chronicle, books, TV shows, apprenticeships, lectures, tours and consulting. He applied for and received a FMPP (Farmers Market Promotion Program) 2014 grant for $100,000 thru the USDA, so a Farmer’s Market can be established in Red Boiling Springs and make local fresh produce more available to the public. The grant will also provide money for Poppen to continue his educational training  programs, so that other people can learn how to grow their own food and do it themselves and not have to rely on other people.

“We applied for the grant in the beginning of May after a friend called and said there was an announcement from the USDA about grant money to help set up Farmer’s Markets and educational training,” said Poppen. “The deadline was in June and we only had 5 or 6 weeks to get it done. Often times these announcements are money that Congress gives the USDA, because Congress feels like we need more locally grown food because it is good for the economy because people can make money by growing and selling produce. The USDA programs are a little different.”

The Barefoot Farmer says that if people were buying local grown food produce, the money would stay in Macon County. “People used to could live on a farm and making a living, and this is an effort to bring back the economic stability that was here back when we were kids.”

“The other part of the grant is the educational training where we came teach other people how to grow produce themselves,” said Poppen. “Macon County stands at a cross roads right now. There is a huge demand for local food and the possibility of having many economically viable farms is real in Macon County. This also leads to other things like people wanting to tour the farm and look at these gardens which were popularized by my TV show, “The Barefoot Farmer’.”

“This grant will allow us to do more community outreach, more than we are currently able to do,” continued Poppen. “The other possibility is we could become like Clay County and fill the county up with chicken houses. This is the cross roads that we are standing at, whether we are going to become a chicken house county or are we going to become a local garden farming economy. We have the choice right now, we can bring back the family farms that created the culture that makes Macon County such a great place to live.”

The Barefoot Farmer said there was $15 million in grants from the USDA and his farm (Long Hungry Creek Farm) was the only one in the State of Tennessee to receive a grant.

Poppen went on to say that Kristina Cimino, this year’s apprentice at the farm, wrote the grant with help from an intern 15 years ago, Coree Entwistle, and her father, who is a professional grant writer.

“My goals are to develop and expand a community Farmers Market in Red Boiling Springs,” said Poppen, “and have free classes at the Farmers Market, which we be advertised in the local media. There will be lessons for the people working on the farm, where we already have an apprentice program. I will be available for phone and e-mail consultations. There will be tours of the farm and lectures for people wanting to see it hands on.”

Poppen says he is going to organize conferences on his farm and other places and he will also be avilable in Nashville and other areas.

“I want to expand our agriculture library at the farm, particularly text books over 100 years old. We had to validate every dollar we were going to spend and I am asked many questions and sometimes I have to get the books out.”

“I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the support of the local community,” said Poppen. “Although I look different and despite my eccentricities, the community supported me and I want to thank everybody for the many years of positive feed back for what we do here. There were over 30 letters of support written from area folks telling the government this grant would be put to good use and I truly appreciate their confidence in the Barefoot Farmer.”

“I am looking forward to making the local farming community of Macon Counthy something we can all be proud of,” added Poppen. “Local farming creates jobs, it’s better for our health and it will be better for our environment than large-scale industrial agriculture. We are applying also for an EBT machine which will allow people to use their food stamps at the Farmer’s Market not only for our produce, but for anyone selling their locally grown produce at the community market.”

“I believe humans being are basically good and everything is going to be alright. But it’s important to grow our own food or get it from somebody who’s growing it nearby.”

For more information you can e-mail Jeff Poppen at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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