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Winding Stairs Project is Not Dead! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debbie Gregory   
Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Winding Stairs Waterfall

The City of Lafayette didn’t receive the RTP grant for Winding Stairs Nature Trails & Park, however Mayor Richard Driver would like to reassure everyone that the project is not dead.

“The City of Lafayette applied for a grant to construct walking trails and a park at the Winding Stairs location and unfortunately we didn’t receive it,” Mayor Driver said last week. “Although we are disappointed, it really hasn’t changed our position on wanting to develop Winding Stairs into a park, therefore we will move forward. We are looking at this as a temporary set back and we are going to explore other funding options.”

The Mayor said he has been talking with the Upper Cumberland Development District to see what kind of programs the city can apply for with them. “Of course I have talked to Representative Kelly Keisling and he is going to help us with that,” said Mayor Driver. “Keisling supports the park and I think he was just as disappointed that we didn’t get the grant as we were.”

“We are going to go ahead and form “Friends of Winding Stairs” and we want to get the community involved with the project,” continued the Mayor. “That way if anybody wants to volunteer to work on the park or make donations they can contact the organization.”

Mayor Driver wants to get the civic organizations involved like the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts and he is also looking at the Rotary Club, Lions Club and other services that he thinks will help out.

“Right now, what we are going to do is look at the park from a different view since we didn’t get the grant,” he said. “We will be talking to the school system to see if the Interact Club would like to be volunteers to help develop the park. We are going to look at it and say ‘what trails can we make now’, to get something established. Also one thing the city is going to look at is making the road a little bit better, more accessible.”

“We are going to go ahead and see how much we can develop. We are not going to abandon it, not going to get out of it, and not going to stop it, we are going to keep it going,” the Mayor said. “If the community wants to help by donating money to the “Friends of Winding Stairs” we will be able to do more.”

According to Mayor Driver, the city is going to reapply for the RTP grant and as he said he is talking with Upper Cumberland to see what other grants that might be available for the park project. “I’ve had people come up to me and when I told them that we didn’t get the grant, they said ‘we’ll see if we can help you’, and I said that is what it is going to take for it to happen right now - the community to support it both volunteering and financially.”

 “If we can get the support, the project will move a lot faster.”

Orange Barrels & Bulldozers on Hwy 10 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debbie Gregory   
Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Macon County Mayor Shelvy Linville at the Hwy 10 construction site.

Macon County Mayor Shelvy Linville’s dream of orange barrels and bulldozers on the Hwy. 10 South hill has come true.

“When I received Gov. Haslam’s 3-year transporation plan in April of 2013, and our Highway 10 project wasn’t listed, I said then and several times after that I wasn’t going to be satisfied until I saw orange barrels and bulldozers on that hill,” said Mayor Linville. “Now I’ve got the opportunity to see them, and I couldn’t be happier. My dream has come true as I prepare to leave this office.”

The circumstances leading to the reconstruction project was a long road, but thanks to Mayor Linville’s persistence and many front page stories in the Chronicle, the groundbreaking ceremony was held on June 13, 2014 and work is now well underway on the Highway 10 South hill.

Mayor Linville’s last day in office is August 31, and when I asked him to sum up his term as county mayor and future plans he had this comment:

“It has been an honor and a privilege to represent the citizens of Macon County as your county mayor over the past eight years. I appreciate the trust you bestowed upon me to elect me to this position. I feel that I am leaving office with the county in a sound financial position. Macon Couny has achieved much during these past 8 years. For instance, health insurance and raises for county employees, rural water lines even though many more are needed, recovery from a tornado, constructed the Welcome Center and a dog pound. Repairs have been made to several school buildings and much needed repairs have been made to the courthouse as well as other county buildings. We have retained and recruited some jobs for the area but more work is definitely needed. The 4-Lake Authority and construction of CCA prison will be a plus in terms of jobs. We have made noticeable improvements in our emergency equipment by means of a $3 million grant. And finally, the long awaited reconstruction of the Highway 10 hill is now underway.”

“With the help of the county commissioners, these are just a few of the accomplishments we have achieved over the past eight years. I am leaving office with mixed feelings. I realize there is still much to be done but I also feel good considering what has been accomplished. I now plan to relax and just take it easy.”



August 7, 2014 Election Results PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jessie Williams   
Tuesday, August 12, 2014

L-R: Jimmy Cook, Cindi Jones, Steve Jones, Mark Gammons, Connie Blackwell (Not Pictured: Wayne Marsh)

Macon County voters have spoken! The unofficial election results for the August 7, 2014 State Primary and County General Election have been announced, naming Steve Jones - Macon County Mayor, Cindi Jones - Register of Deeds, Connie Blackwell - County Clerk and incumbent Mark Gammons - Sheriff.

The two Macon County School Board positions were filled by Jimmy Cook (Districts 1 & 2) and Wayne Marsh (Districts 3 & 4).

In the State Primary, Macon County voters voted along with the bulk of Tennessee residents to elect Bill Haslam (R) and Charles V. ‘Charlie’ Brown (D) to vie for Governor and Lamar Alexander (R) for United States Senate, however, the votes differed for the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate. While Macon County chose Terry Adams, the state vote elected Gordon Ball.

In the US House of Representatives 6th Congressional District, Diane Black (R) will run against Amos Powers (D), and Mae Beavers (R) will serve another term as state senator of the 17th District as there is no democratic contender.

Kelly Keisling (R) will continue to serve the 38th District in the TN House of Representatives as he also has no democratic opponent in the November 4, 2014 election.

Macon County voters elected to retain all supreme court at large, court of appeals and court of criminal appeals positions, as did the majority of Tennessee voters.

Local election results for all positions including constables and county commissioners, are as follows:

County Mayor

Steve Jones: 86.51%

Chris Grant: 13.41%


Mark Gammons: 52.48%

Butch Avera: 47.49%

County Clerk

Connie Blackwell: 45.25%

Terilyn Sloan: 38.68%

Keith Tillman: 16.05%

Register of Deeds

Cindi Jones: 68.71%

Randy East: 31.23%

General Sessions Judge

Ken Witcher: 99.74%

No opponent

Circuit Court Clerk

Rick Gann: 99.51%

No opponent

County Trustee

Diane Cook: 99.79%

No opponent

School Board (Dist. 1&2)

Jimmy Cook: 56.79%

William Dycus: 43.11%

School Board (Dist. 3&4)

Wayne Marsh: 50.25%

Billy Wilmore: 49.58%

County Commissioners (two elected per district)

(Dist. 1)

Phillip Snow: 39.84%

Tony Boles: 33.60%

Raney Morgan: 19.68%

Pleas Ford: 6.88%

(Dist. 2)

Mike Jenkins: 49.23%

Scott Gammons: 33.64%

Jerry Ray: 15.69%

(Dist. 3)

Benny Bartley: 34.90%

Charles ‘Chop’ Porter: 33.07%

Wanda L. O’Donoghue: 31.11%

(Dist. 4)

Mchelle Phillips: 37.67%

Justin Dyer: 34.94%

Michael Wayne Bransford: 27.39%

(Dist. 5)

Kenneth Witte: 64.78%

Kimmy Warf: 34.59%

(Dist. 6)

Bryan Carter: 45.83%

Chris Wix: 35.88%

David Brewington: 18.06%

(Dist. 7)

Jeff Hughes: 28.05%

Troy Brawner: 24.15%

Stacey Williams: 17.80%

Terry Atkins: 15.12%

James Killmon: 14.88%

(Dist. 8)

Bobby Ray King: 31.77%

Don Stevens: 29.31%

Chad West: 26.29%

Tim Freeman: 12.53%

(Dist. 9)

Wendell Jones: 34.47%

Barry King: 28.38%

Tom Roberts: 22.53%

Anthony Bullington: 14.37%

(Dist. 10)

Helen Hesson: 43.75%

Shannon Wix: 28.60%

Daniel Griggs: 27.65%

Constables (one elected per two districts)

(Dist. 1 & 2)

Sammy Morgan: 65.52%

Loyd Hix: 34.06%

(Dist. 3 & 4)

Charles Dallas: 99.38%

(Dist. 5 & 6)

Brent Crowder: 62.32%

Charles Webster: 31.16%

(Dist. 7 & 8)

Scott East: 56.43%

Tony Law: 43.18%

(Dist. 9 & 10)

Barry Newberry: 54.88%

Jeff Lambert: 25.29%

Corey Lawrence: 19.72%

Other results from the state primary election are as follows:

(R) State Executive Committeeman, District 17

Albert McCall: 59.60% in Macon County, District winner

Dwayne Craighead: 40.29% in Macon County

(D) State Executive Committeeman, District 17

Bob Black: 53.85% in Macon County

Aubrey Givens: 46.15% in Macon County, District winner

(R) State Executive Committeewoman, District 17

Pat Fields: 44.87% in Macon County

Jennifer Franklin Winfree: 38.72% in Macon County, District winner

Yvonne Hunter: 16.21% in Macon County

(D) State Executive Committeewoman, District 17

Rachel Givens: 99.76% in Macon County, District winner

No opponent

Circuit Court Judge 15th Judicial Dist. Division I

Clara Byrd: 99.68% in Macon County, District winner

No opponent

Circuit Court Judge 15th Judicial Dist. Division II

John D. Wootten, Jr.: 89.04% in Macon County, District winner

Aubrey Givens: 10.88% in Macon County

15th Judicial Dist. Chancellor

C.K. Smith: 80.56% in Macon County, District winner

Gordon Aulgur: 19.30% in Macon County

15th Judicial Dist. Criminal Court Judge

Brody Kane: 73.13% in Macon County, District winner

Brian Fuller: 26.80% in Macon County

District Attorney General for 15th Judicial Dist.

Tommy Thompson: 99.67% in Macon County, District winner

No opponent

Public Defender for 15th Judicial Dist.

Comer Donnell: 99.79% in Macon County, District winner

No opponent

RBS Police Charge Juvenile Burglary Suspect PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debbie Gregory   
Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Surveillance footage of robbery suspect

Red Boiling Springs Police Chief Terry Tuck has charged a male juvenile with burglary, theft of property and vandalism, in connection with two incidents that both took place on Saturday, August 2, in RBS. The RBS Thrift Shop was burglarized and The Prescription Shop was vandalized.

Chief Tuck said the police department received a call from owner Tonya Smith that a burglary had taken place at the RBS Thrift Store, which is located at 232 Market Street, in the early morning hours of Saturday, August 2nd.  A report was taken by Officer Kevin Woodard.

“The suspect entered the business through the RBS Laundry Mat,” said Chief Tuck. “He went over a wall and caused alot of damage to gain access to her store. Tonya Smith reported several items missing including a Sanyo TV, silver electric impact wrench, Army cot, and five pairs of shoes among other things. ”

Tuck stated that there was approximately $2,000 in damages to the RBS Laundry Mat.

According to the chief there was a video surveillance of the break in and the department developed a 17-year-old male from Red Boilng Springs as a suspect during the investigation. “There was also another incident on August 2 of vandalism at The Prescription Shop, located at 126 Market Street, at approximately 2:30 a.m.,” said Tuck.

“Officer Jimmy Morgan was on duty and he received an alarm call at The Prescription Shop,” continued Chief Tuck. “Someone had attempted to throw a rock through the front glass but didn’t gain entry.”

 “I charged the juvenile suspect with burglary, theft of property, and two counts of vandalism in connection with both of these incidents,” added the Chief.

Suspicious Fire on Robinson Lane PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debbie Gregory   
Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Fire broke out this past weekend at a mobile home on Robinson Lane, off the Hanestown Road in the northwest section of the county. The Macon County Sheriffs Office and the State Fire Marshall’s Office are conducting an investigation into the origin of this suspicious fire.

Thirty-two-year-old Terri Likens, who resided at the residence, is employed at the nursing home in Portland and coming home from work around 2:15 a.m. on Saturday morning, August 2nd, she found her home on fire and immediately called for help. “I was coming in from work early Saturday morning when I found my home and my truck on fire,” Terri told the Macon County Chronicle on Saturday afternoon. “After I called for help, it wasn’t long before emergency personnel began arriving.”

Chief Joe Young, of the South Allen County Volunteer Fire Department, stated that upon arrival the single wide mobile home and pick up truck, that was parked nearby, were both engulfed in flames. “We had two engines, a tanker and 12 firefighters at the fire scene,” said the fire chief.”

A mutual aid call on a structure fire went out to the Lafayette Fire Department around 2:30 a.m., and according to Senior Firefighter Michael Bransford, they took an engine and tanker to the scene. “We had six firemen at the fire scene,” said Bransford, “and this was the first run for the new tanker we received on June 13 of this year.”

“We were at the scene for two hours,” said Chief Young, “and everything appeared to be a total loss. The fire seemed suspicious and the Macon County Sheriffs Office came to the same conclusion.”

“We would like to thank the Lafayette Fire Department for backing us up,” added the Chief. “They always come when we call for help.”

According to Chief Deputy Byron Satterfield of the Macon County Sheriffs Office, they are working on this suspicious fire in conjunction with the State Fire Marshall’s Office. “Detectives are gathering evidence at the scene and conducting interviews about any suspicious activity involving this fire and it’s origin,” Satterfield said. 

If anyone has any information about this fire, please call the Macon County Sheriff Office. You can remain anonymous.

“I would like to thank everyone who came to help,” said Terri. “I appreciated it.”

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