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New Ownership of Quick-N-Easy Spurs Peaceful Protest - Page 2 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Debbie Gregory   
Tuesday, November 27, 2012
“They fired everybody but me,” Kelly told the Chronicle, “and I let them know I wouldn’t work without my team.”

Kelly says they offered to give her a raise and let two other employees work part-time.

“I went home on Monday,” Kelly said, “and when I called to check on Peggy Nelson and Casey Claridy, they said they were being mistreated. They also advised me that the manager had taken down the American flag and thrown it away.”

She said that she advised them to go ahead and leave. “The owner said that some employees had thrown their keys in the floor of the convenience store and that isn’t true,” Kelly stated. “Casey Claridy, Peggy Nelson and Melissa Grizzle turned their keys over to the Chief of Police and asked him to return them.”

The former manager says she doesn’t think it is fair to take away jobs during these economic hardships, along with disrespecting the flag of our great nation. “We are protesting across the street and waving signs to project a clear message to the community that we have been mistreated

“We want to thank our community for all the support,” Kelly commented. “They have been fantastic.”