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Tigerettes End Season at District PDF Print E-mail
Monday, May 23, 2011
  The MCHS Tigerette Softball team ended the season at the district tournament at Sycamore High School. After winning the opening game against Sycamore on Thursday the 5th, the girls from Lafayette ran into a buzz-saw. On Monday the 9th, Goodpasture defeated MCHS by a score of 9-0 in five innings. MCHS managed only three hits by Howser, Reid, and Lancaster in a superb pitching effort by Goodpasture’s Kneeper.
Lady Bulldogs Finish 3rd in District PDF Print E-mail
Monday, May 23, 2011
The Lady Bulldogs were in no mood to let the opening game loss to Trousdale County in the 8A District Tournament slow them down. They fought back with 2 big wins as the tournament moved to Friendship Christian.
Red Boiling Springs Lady Bulldogs Journey to State PDF Print E-mail
Monday, March 7, 2011

RBS vs Trousdale Co. February 28, 2011 - Region 4A Semi-Final

By Misty Green

The Red Boiling Springs High School Lady Bulldogs advanced in the region semi-finals held at Watertown on February 28th, 2011, after defeating Trousdale County for the third time this season, by a score of 46-39 in the Region 4-A game.

The Lady Bulldogs led the opening quarter 12-10, but by the halftime break the Lady Jackets of Trousdale County had slipped ahead of Red Boiling Springs with a 22-20 advantage.

The game was definitely intense from the tip off, staying neck-in-neck throughout the game. Trousdale County popped in two-points to open the third quarter, however the Lady Bulldogs stood ready to answer. Two free-throws by senior Heather Jenkins tied the game at 24 each, with 4:38 remaining in the period. Trousdale County replied with a hard fought lay-up, yet senior Mackenzie Painter was fouled to re-tie the game at 26 each, 2:46 left in the quarter. The Lady Jackets then acquired a three-point play to lead 29-26, 1:29 remaining. Lady Bulldog Morgan Burgener was allowed to walk to the line with .30 on the game clock, Red Boiling Springs trails 29-28.

The Lady Dawgs regained control early in the final period with points made by Mackenzie Painter, Morgan Burgener, and Katie Hix for a nine-point advantage. The Lady Jackets quickly answered with three two-point shots to trail 38-35 with three minutes remaining in the challenge. One free-throw from Painter, and two from the highly guarded senior Layce Colter pushed the Lady Bulldogs forward 41-35 with .44 remaining in regulation.

Within 15 seconds, Trousdale County nailed four points from the floor, to shadow the Lady Bulldogs 41-39.
With adrenaline flowing at full force, the Lady Jackets fouled three Lady Bulldogs in the remaining 14 seconds, and with two free-shots from Mackenzie Painter and Morgan Burgener, and one-point from Katie Hix, Red Boiling Springs was able to claim the win, 46-39.

Katie Hix and Mackenzie Painter led the Lady Dawgs to victory with 11 points each, followed by Heather Jenkins with eight points, Morgan Burgener with seven points, Marina Evans with five points, and Layce Colter with four points.
The Lady Bulldogs were to play Jackson County in the Region 4-A finals on Wednesday at Watertown.

Macon County High School Tigerettes Journey to State PDF Print E-mail
Monday, March 7, 2011

MCHS vs Christ Presbyterian Academy, February 28, 2011 - Region 5AA Semi-Final

By Marcus R. Darnell

The Macon County High School Tigerettes advanced in the region semi-finals held at Vol-State on February 28th, 2011 in Gallatin. They defeated the Christ Presbyterian Academy by a score of 52-50 in the Region 5-AA game.

The Tigerettes came out firing to open the game.  A combination of Katie Reid and Kelsey Gregory pushed Macon out to a 5-0 lead to begin the contest.  Early foul trouble by Katelyn Bean led to Calamity Coley entering the game and scoring four points in the period. At the end of the first Macon led 11-5 over CPA.

Scoring in the second period heated up. Early three point shooting by Haley Harris propelled the Tigerettes a score of 21-11 which would mark their largest lead of the contest. However turnovers, a few misses, and some tenacity from the Lady Lions kept the contest close.  CPA sunk a big three pointer at the end of the first half to close the Macon lead. Score at half was Macon 28 CPA 25.

The Lady Lions simply would not quit. Offensive plays by Gregory and Coley combined with great defensive plays from Reid and Brooks kept Macon close. With 2:34 left in the third period Bean picked up her 4th foul. Terra Pryor came off the bench to give the Tigerettes some quality minutes. After three periods the game was tied at 40 with a great deal of physical play being allowed.

The end of the game was exciting. Following a defensive stop, Coley’s bucket and a beautiful assist from Kailyn Brooks to Reid pushed Macon out to a 44-40 lead.  However after some sloppy play, CPA was able to take their first lead of the contest at 45-44 with 4:24 to go in the game. With Bean fouling out with 1:33 to go and down 47-49, Haley Harris made a critical defensive steal. At this turning point of the contest, Macon benefited from scoring by Harris, Brooks and Gregory with another defensive steal by Brooks.  Gregory calmly iced the game with some free throws for a final score of Macon 52 CPA 50.

Scoring were Gregory 11 pts., Coley 13 pts., Harris 11 pts., Brooks 4 pts, Reid 8 pts, and Bean 2 pts. Pryor played but did not score. The Tigerettes were to play David Lipscomb in the Region 5-AA finals on Wednesday at Vol-State.

Monday, March 7, 2011
The Macon County Soccer League held its coaches’ meeting on Saturday, March 5th.  Newly assigned coaches were given their team rosters and information concerning the upcoming spring 2011 season.  Parents should be contacted by their child’s coach this week. The first practices of the season begin on Saturday, March 12  at 9 am. If you haven’t heard from your child’s coach about practice times or for any reason by Friday, please contact David Denney at 655-7008, or go to the website at     
Team: 1 Color: Red
Coach: Corey Fitzpatrick Players: Miles Fitzpatrick, Cayden Ray, William ìCainî Ray, Chase Keene
Team: 2 Color: Kelly Green Coach: Jon Hesson Players: Baylon Hesson, Mallory Stewart, Alyssa Keller, James ìJCî Clark
Team: 3 Color: Black Coach: Corey Lawrence Players: Kyleigh Lawrence, Hayden Dean, Parker Whittemore
Team: 4 Color: Orange Coach: Lucas Tirjan Players: Logan Tirjan, Killian Jetton, Trinity Nash
Team: 1 Color: Red Coach: Seth Blankenship Players: Sarha Chandler, Chloe Blankenship, Gracey Wilmore, Ella Flynn, Kelan Hire, Kadie Hire, Dalton Carson, Colin Cothron
Team: 2 Color: Black Coach: Daniel Griggs Players: Bree Griggs, Josh Vinson, Clyde Vinson, Kaden Woodard, Shelby McAuley, Riley Bolton, Elijah Meador, Jasmine Cruz
Team: 3 Color: Kelly Green Coach: Heather Martin Players: Stone Donoho, Mattie Kay Goad, Joseph Austin, Kaneeka Wright, Reece Brawner, Sidne Morgan
Team: 4 Color: Orange Coach: Isaiah Ragan Players: Beth Ragan, Alexia Reed, Seth Wilkinson, Roxy Barber, Casen Austin, Presley Sorensen, Diego Sotelo
Team: 5 Color: Royal Blue Coach: Jason Reeves Players: Jarrett Kirby, Valerie Kirby, Will Stevens, Miranda Kirby, Isaiah Reeves, Elissa Reeves, Sophia Shannon
Team: 6 Color: Silver Coach: Sonia Warner Players: Kameron Gregory, Taylor Green, Jake Willis, Kelley McClard, Quinn McDeid, Aly Brooks, Isaiah Towns
Team: 1 Color: Red Coach: Andrew Cline Players: Isaac Kirby, Lawson Williamson, Chyenne Nolen, Katelyn Austin, Abby Cline, Cadence Carter, Emily Ward, Taylor Ward, Brodie Coe
Team: 2 Color: Lavender Coach: Wendell Jones Players: Zoe Vinson, Abby Lee, Hayleigh Newberry, Joshua Ryckman, Kyndal Ludick, Aidan Flynn, Emily Ryckman, Evan Kidd, Tyler Jones
Team: 3 Color: Royal Blue Coach: Heather Lowery Players: Kaylee Dunn, Macie Dillard, Abby Howard, Jasper Sadler, Matthew Evans, Audrey Berry, Anna Lankford, Brooke Evans, Katelyn Lowery
Team: 4 Color: Kelly Green Coach: Ronda Paredes Players: Christofer Paredes, Kailen Donoho, Josie McCall, Chloe Carver, Zachariah Dallas, Catie Dickens, Zeke Cook, Jayden Powell
Team: 1 Color: Red Coach: David Denney Players: Julissa Martinez, Yimmy Pinzur, Michael Hernandez, Sam Denney, Jonathan Martinez, Carlos Hernandez, KeLeigh Wilkerson, McKenzie Wix, Daniel Blankenship, Brenda Hernandez
Team: 2 Color: Black Coach: Terra Grant Players: Michael Mathews, Litzi Agudo, Deziree Haynes, Autumn Mathews, Simon Brawner, Kaitlyn Stone, Hunter McAuley, Cole Carnahan, Zachary Emmitt, Isaac Grant
Team: 3 Color: Kelly Green Coach: Jeff/Rachel Hesson Players: Sadie Morgan, Haley Davis, Sarah Morgan, Brandon Coons, Hunter Carver, Morgan Carter, Jared Hill, Dylan Hesson, Clay West, Taylor Lee
Team: 4 Color: Orange Coach: Perry Knight Players: Brandon Nunez, Catherine Kemp, Cameron Wohlgamuth, Kolbe Johnson, Luke Johnson, Nicklas Knight, Brookelyn Meador, Krista Robinson, Chase Whittemore, Dalton Marsh
Team: 5 Color: Silver Coach: Heather Lowery Players: Salvador Paredes, Ryan Underwood, Jesse Overstreet, Kaylee Case, Bryanna Winsett, Chelsea Williams, Ryan Carver, Brooklyn Crowe, Shayla Ochoa, Addison Wright
Team: 6 Color: Royal Blue Coach: Joel McFerrin Players: Krista Turner, Amy Cliburn, Todd Chandler, Lucas Johnson, Hayden Allen, Keeley Carter, Megan Scruggs, Cameron Hall, Dillon McFerrin, Dawson Gunter
Team: 7 Color: Purple Coach: Mark Wakefield Players: Hannah Reeves, Jose Villanueva, James Ryckman, Hannah (Gracie) Steva, Ethan Wakefield, Wesley Sadler, Sydney Vinson, Lake Reid, Isaac Wakefield, Katrina Carey
Team: 8 Color: White Coach: Rob Whitacre Players: Olivia Belton, Jordan Powell, Caleb Clark, Jared Whitacre, Jake Hulme, Colleen McClard, Trinity Dillard, Wesley Carver, Zachary Goad, Lydia Martin
Team: 1 Color: Royal Blue Coach: Edmundo Chaparro Players: Connor Chaparro, Maria Resendiz, Guadalupe Cervantes, Tiffany Broadway, Taylor Cox, Caleb Anderson, Onnolee Steva, Jasmine Chaparro, Chase Warner, Ryne Sloan, Nathan Kemp, Johnny Griffith, Travis Carver, Mary Meador
Team: 2 Color: Red Coach: Carl Dobbs Players: Nathaniel Hulme, Hailey Jones, Harlee Martin, Heather Martin, Casey Martin, Juwan Hernandez, Jacob Ryckman, Dylan Turner, Juan Pinegar, Brittany Johnson, Jessie Sotelo, Autumn Ragan, Hatton Allen, Rachel White
Team: 3 Color: Orange Coach: Bryan Morgan Players: Moses Pinzur, Ezra Pinzur, Jonathan Pinzur, Bailey Porter, Destinee McCullough, Taylor Gammon, Annie Gammon, Grace Malo, Jacob McClard, Spencer Morgan, Jacob Bilbrey, Brittney McClard, Logan McDeid
Team: 4 Color: Kelly Green Coach: Chava Paredes Players: Aundrea Paredes, Amber Borden, Savannah Heflin, Parker Smith, Katie Thomas, Robert Hill, Stephen (Lane) Carey, Angel Austin, Daniel Moore, Jesse Denney, Samuel Thomas, Drew Pharis, Meridith Carr
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