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MCHS Basketball Teams Split Wins With Sycamore PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tigerettes Grab 63-39 District Victory, Tigers Lose 55-53 with Buzzer Lay-up

By Misty Green

The Macon County High School Basketball teams hosted the District 9AA rival Sycamore War Eagles on Monday, January 24, 2011 for two action-packed games.

Recovering from the recent loss to Westmoreland’s Lady Eagles, the MCHS Tigerettes were prepared to bring the intensity back to their game, opening the challenge against the Lady War Eagles 18-3 after the first quarter of play. Macon Co. led 29-10 before the halftime break.

The Macon County girls did not let down their guard in the last half of the contest, taking advantage of their opponent with full force to claim a 63-39 district win.

Katie Reid led the Tigerettes to victory with 20 points, followed by Katelyn Bean with 13 points, Kailyn Brooks with 11 points, Kelsey Gregory with 10 points, Macey Kemp with three points, and Haley Harris, Katie Beth Meador, and Terra Pryor with two points each.

The Tigerettes improved to 16-2, 4-1 for the season, and Sycamore fell to 10-9, 3-1.

In the boys game... The Tigers returned in the second quarter from a 14-10 trail to take a 28-25 lead before the halftime break.
Macon County held on to their advantage in the third quarter with a score of 43-34, however Tiger fouls set Trey McPherson on the bench with three minutes left in the game, and also had Tyler Manning and Andrew Kempf playing it safe with four fouls each.

The Tigers had a five point lead with two minutes left in the game, but Sycamore was able to knot the game at 53 each with 0.49 on the game clock.

Tigers Head Coach Jason Welch called for time with 11.8 seconds left in the fourth quarter, to set up a scoring strategy. Once on the court, Macon County missed their scoring attempt, and Sycamore grabbed the rebound and returned it for their final lay-up of the night.

With an unannounced time-out called, before the last shot was made, Referees placed 0.09 seconds back on the clock, and the ball in the Tigers possession at the other end of the court.

Dallas Grace in-bounded the ball to Tyler Manning at half court, who jumped high to catch the pass, and collided with a Eagle. Both players fell to the ground, as the buzzer sounded, and Sycamore claimed the win.

Dallas Grace led the Tigers with 17 points, followed by Trey McPherson with 14 points, Tyler Manning with 11 points, Shawn Kemp with four points, Zack Billenstein with three points, and Andrew Kempf and Brantley Russell with two points each.

The Macon County Tigers now stand at 13-7, 4-1 while Sycamore improved to 15-5, 4-0.

MCHS will host Greenbrier on February 1st, travel to Sycamore on Feb. 4, and host White House on Feb. 8 for their senior night games.

Speaking Out... Unsportsmanlike Conduct Should Be Dealt With in Future Games PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An Opinion Column
By Misty Green

In today’s world, violence is never condoned, and neither are racial slurs, but if both coincide within one situation, then where do we draw the line to which one is worse?

News has rapidly spread about the January 14, 2011 high school basketball game between Red Boiling Springs and Clay County, however the actual contest between the two rival schools was not the main topic of discussion.

For a moment, step back inside the mind of your past, and recall what it was like to interact with children while going through school. Every child can attest to feeling different in someway, but, try to remember how those often picked on would react after being taunted for their differences, over a period of time.

With changing world views and hate crimes on the rise, larger schools have felt the need to equip their school entrance way with metal detectors and security personnel, to try and deter students from carrying weapons on school campus.

Ever ponder the reasons why a student might feel the need to protect themselves?

For six years, the family of Isaiah Washington has resided in Red Boiling Springs, and for all of those years, they have come to love their hometown community.

“Isaiah was immediately accepted by the kids at Red Boiling Springs,” Isaiah’s mother, Helen Washington said, “with never a problem concerning the color of his skin. However, I can remember several games, where people have said very ugly things, and it seems to be getting worse,” Miss Washington added.

According to RBS Head Coach Michael Owens, Isaiah has never given him any kind of trouble, which is why his actions after this particular game, shocked a lot of people.

“I never dreamed Isaiah would have been the one to fight,” Coach Owens commented last Monday, recalling he knew that emotions were flaring from his two players which, according to him, were indeed being tagged with racial slurs during the game.

“I do not condone fighting,” Helen Washington said, “fighting is never the answer, and it completely shocked me, because my son has never even been involved with a fight.”

“I feel torn, because I believe with my whole heart that fighting is wrong. But even the wild protect their children when they are in danger, and if I heard someone calling my son something like that repeatedly, I’m not sure what I would do.”

After talking with several people who were at the game that night, and who witnessed the negative actions from both sides of the crowd, it seems there should be some kind of rule about unsportsmanlike conduct to be enforced in future games across the state.

 If the alleged racial slurs were being said during the game, and referees were indeed asked to interveine, the situation should have been controlled by the adults present.

“It breaks my heart that all this happened,” Helen said, adding, “the RBS kids put up with so much, being at the lower part of the ladder, and they have worked hard to come along way. I don’t like it when we go up against other schools that use obscene language and try to make it where these kids can’t have fun playing the game.”

“Because the unsportsmanlike conduct and racial slurs weren’t nipped in the bud, and stopped when it first started taking place, it escalated to the point where Isaiah became provoked to stand up for himself. If handled, I know it would not have gotten out of hand like that,” she continued.

“It’s not the first time for the heckling and the name calling, because it has happened in years past, but this time, I guess it went too far.”

“I also feel terrible that the boys had to loose their position on the team as ball players, which they so loved,” Helen commented.

“All Isaiah does is play sports. When we lived in New York, he never played sports, but when we came here, he started playing sports and just really loved it.”

When asked if given the chance to do it over, would Isaiah make the same choice, Helen paused and said, “It was done in the heat of the moment, and I know if he was faced with the same situation, he would think about it this time.”

“I’m just sorry it happened,” she added.

“If he had done this in the past, you could see them banning him from ever playing again, but this is the first time this has ever happened, and I don’t agree with the punishment that was given. I think the punishment was too harsh, considering the circumstances surrounding the fight, and the fact that Coach Owens asked the referees to control the crowd, and the slurring was allowed to continue,” she added.

On a side note: Clay County Principal John Denton called the Macon County Chronicle, saying that he disagreed with the comment published in the January 18th edition, which stated... “The way I understand it, the administration of the school, nor the School Resource Officers, nor the Law Enforcement present did one thing to prevent what was going on,” RBS Principal Don Jones commented.

After speaking to Clay County Principal John Denton last week, he stated that he, nor his assistant principal, security guard, or his two coaches were ever made aware that there were any racial slurs going on.

“It was never brought to our attention, “Principal Denton said, “and believe me, if we had known that anything like that was going on, we would have put a stop to it,”

“Me and my assistant principal both made some rounds down in that corner, and I know some people, especially from over there, are going to feel like they were out of control, but I never really thought that,” Denton recalled.

According to Principal Denton, “Mr. Owens said he reported it to the referees with a few minutes left in the game, but the referees never mentioned it to any of us, if that was the case. I can tell you, I would not tolerate that kind of behavior, not from our crowd or anybody else’s crowd either,” he asserted.

When asked if he heard the racial slurs coming from the fans, he replied, “I didn’t hear any, but, I’m not going to say that something couldn’t have happened. If we were made aware of it, we would have done something about it.”

It is up to officials to forbid all forms of unsportsmanlike conduct during school sport games, either coming from the team, coaches, or attending crowd.


MCHS Tigers Name Two to Nera White All-Tournament Boys Team PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tiger #10 Zack Billenstein and Tiger #22 Dallas Grace were named to the All-Tournament Basketball team during the previous Nera White Invitational Basketball Tournament. Congratulations Boys!

Zack Billenstein

Dallas Grace

Local Jr. High Teams Compete in Cumberland Rim Conference Basketball Tourney PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, January 25, 2011

By Misty Green

The local junior high school basketball teams from Macon County and Red Boiling Springs traveled to Clay County this past week to participate in the Cumberland Rim Conference Tournament.

RBS Jr. High Lady Bulldogs vs. Trousdale

The Red Boiling Springs Junior High School Lady Bulldog Basketball team opened the Cumberland Rim Conference Tournament play on Wednesday, January 19, 2011, against Jim Satterfield Middle School, and with one minute left in the game, RBS was trailing by a mere seven points.

The Lady Bulldogs tried hard to make a comeback before the game ended, however fell short by a final score of 27-18.

The RBS Lady Bulldogs had three players to score in this contest, with one in double figures. Olivia Atkins had ten points, Kristin Stacey had six points, and Emily Gregory had two points. The Lady Bulldogs ended the 2010-2011 basketball season, 4-11.

MC Jr. High Tigers vs. Jackson County

The Macon County Junior High School Tigers basketball team played Jackson County Middle School on Wednesday, January 19th and kept the score neck-in-neck throughout the contest to force an overtime period.

Macon County led the opening quarter 8-6, and held on to their lead throughout the halftime break with a 19-15 advantage. Jackson County returned in the third quarter to knot the game at 24 each.

During the fourth quarter of the game, each team gave their best effort to get ahead of their opponent. Jackson County nailed two points to open the scored board, which was answered with Matt Austin’s missed foul shout rebounded by Evan Perrigo, evening out the score once more at 26 each. The Blue Devils capitalized with a three-point play, followed by a lay-up to lead 31-26.

With 1:11 on the game clock, Macon County’s Brett Davis nailed a three-point shot to inch the Tigers closer 31-29. With 7.8 seconds left in regulation, Macon County’s Larkin Whittemore was able to re-tie the game at 31 each, before picking up his fifth personal foul. Jackson County missed their free-throw attempts, and an overtime period was put into play. In overtime, Jackson County added ten points to their score, allowing Macon County five, to claim a 41-36 win over the Tigers.

The Tigers had six players to achieve points in the game, with Brett Davis in double digits with 17 points. Evan Perrigo, Larkin Whittemore, Clay Carnahan, Alex Hill, and Sebastian Brawner. Also scored for Macon County during this game.

MC Tigerettes vs. Jackson County

The Macon County Jr. High School Tigerettes challenged Jackson County on Saturday, January 22, and improved to 15-0 after claiming a 43-24 victory over the Lady Blue Devils.

The Tigerettes held the lead from start to finish of this semi-final contest.

Tigerette Briley Driver led Macon County to victory with 18 points, followed by Reese Shrum with 11 points, Marissa Owens, Leah Anderson, and Emilee Harris with four points each, and Lyndsey Belton with two points. Also seeing playing time in the game, were Brooklyn McClard, Logan Hernandez, Kassidy Brooks, Abbi Welch, Jordan Shockley, Brandi Garmon, and Jordan Hauskin.

RBS Jr. High Bulldogs vs. Westmoreland

The Red Boiling Springs Junior High School Bulldogs played Westmoreland on Saturday for the second round of the CRC, and was defeated by a final score of 42-26. Scoring stats were unavailable as of press time.

The  CRC  championship and third place games have been scheduled to take place on Wednesday, January 26, 2011. The girls division championship game between Macon County and Westmoreland, and will be played at 7 p.m. The third place game between Jackson County and Jim Satterfield is scheduled to take place at 5 p.m. The boys division championship game between Jim Satterfield and Westmoreland will be played at 8 p.m., with the third place game between Red Boiling Springs and Jackson County to take place at 6 p.m.

The Championship game between the MCJHS Tigerettes and Westmoreland will air live on 102.1 FM at 7 p.m.,  and the Third-Place Game between the RBSJHS Bulldogs and Jackson County will air live at 6 p.m.

Go Teams!!!

Macon County Teams Defeat White House on the Road PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, January 25, 2011

MCHS Splits Wins With Westmoreland at home on Saturday

By Misty Green

The Macon County High School Basketball teams traveled to White House on January 18, 2011 and returned home with their third District 9AA victories.

In the girls game… The Tigerettes improved to 15-1, 3-0 after defeating the Lady Blue Devils of White House by a final score of 57-33.

Macon County trailed 16-12 in the opening quarter, but before the halftime break they were back on top with a 24-19 advantage. The Tigerettes continued to dominate White House in the last half of the game, leading 38-29 in the third period, before taking home the win. White House dropped to 3-9 in the regular season, and 1-2 for district play.

Tigerette Katelyn Bean led the Tigerettes to victory with 19 points, before fouling out mid-way through the fourth quarter. Bean was followed by Katie Reid with 18 points, Terra Pryor with nine points, Kailyn Brooks and Haley Harris with four points each, Katie Beth Meador with two points, and Michaela Thompson with one point.

In the boys game… The Tigers improved to 12-6 after defeating the Blue Devils of White House with a final score of 46-41.

After the first quarter of play, Macon County held an 11-9 advantage over White House, which continued throughout the second half, 21-18. The Blue Devils trailed Macon County 33-28 in the third period, before being handed their first district loss by a final score of 46-41.

Tyler Manning led the Tigers to victory with 21 points, including four three-pointers, followed by Zack Billenstein with 11 points, Dallas Grace with six points, Trey McPherson with five points, Mic Wise with two points, and Andrew Kempf with one point.
MCHS vs. Westmoreland

Due to the recent snow and game cancellations, the Macon County High School Basketball teams juggled their schedule and was able to compete in another District 9AA game on Saturday, January 22, 2011.

The Macon County High School gymnasium was packed with fans as the girls game between Macon County and Westmoreland got underway.

The Lady Eagles led the opening quarter 13-10, and before the halftime break, the Tigerettes were trailing 23-21. Each team added 14 points to their score in the third quarter, however the Lady Eagles was able to dominate the last period to take a 52-47 District 9AA win over Macon County.

“We were having to play catch up all night, and we got in foul trouble early on with Katelyn Bean,” Head Coach Jeff Beam stated after the game,” adding, “she had to spend a lot of time over there with us, and were not a real good team when she has to stay on the bench.”

“I’m not going to make excuses, I thought Westmoreland played hard and did a good job defensively. I did think the fourth quarter, that we were going to close the gap on them, when they started missing some free throws, but we didn’t capitalize and make the lay-ups and some of the free throws that we needed to.”

Westmoreland’s final 15 points put in during the fourth quarter, were comprised solely on free throws, not making one shot from the field. “What causes that, is your having  to play catch up. We never got the lead. Early on, we got up to about four, but we never did break it out and get that 6-0 or 8-0 run, and that’s important in these kind of ball games.”

“I told the girls in the locker room that you have to go back to work, because this basketball team has been through a whole lot with injuries and things like that, but we have to bring it together and get better.”

Knowing that Macon County has to face Westmoreland one more time in District 9AA play, Coach Beam commented, “All your really doing now is playing for seed in the tournament, and tonight I didn’t feel like we played our best, having six turnovers in the first half, that we don’t normally do.”

“I also thought we put them on the foul line way too much,” Coach Beam added. “I told the girls we need to stop lay-ups and not put them on the foul line, and I didn’t think we did a good job of sliding over and taking charge. This is something that we’re going to have to build on, and it’s not like it’s the end of the world, it’s a ball game. It’s early in the year, and we’ll get back to practice.”

“We have got Sycamore on Monday, January 24, weather permitting, and right now I don’t think you can make excuses. I tell them they have got to pick their intensity up, and in the last few games, I feel like we were kind of flat. I thought in the third quarter, we were about to get that lead and pull away a little bit, but we just didn’t hit some of the shots, made some turnovers, and gave them some easy baskets.”

“Sycamore has probably not lost a game. I’m sure that they are excited, probably seeing that Westmorland has beat us at home. So we’re not going to make excuses, we’re just going to have to get to work and get better, and bring our intensity level up in this next game.”

“Hume Fogg is on the schedule for Tuesday, January 25, and depending on the weather, it might be one of those things that we have to move Hume Fogg to play a district game, but as for right now everything is a go.”

The Tigerettes were led by Kelsey Gregory with 19 points, followed by Katie Reid with 13 points, Katelyn Bean with nine points, Kailyn Brooks with five points, and Haley Harris with one point.

The Tigerettes dropped to 15-2 for the season, as the Lady Eagles improved to 17-2.

In the boys game... The Macon County High School Tigers exploded the first quarter of the game against Westmoreland 17-9 and never looked back for a final victory score of 63-47.

The Tigers improved to 13-6 for the season, as the Eagles dropped to 6-13.

The Tigers were led by Dallas Grace with 20 points, followed by Zack Billenstein with 13 points, Trey McPherson with 11 points, Shawn Kemp with five points, Brantley Russell with four points, Tyler Manning and Mic Wise with three points each, and Aaron Carter and Andrew Kempf with two points each.

Brantley Russell takes two-free shots in the game against the Eagles. Photo By Misty Green

MCHS has scheduled their Homecoming Ceremony for February 1, 2011 at 5 p.m., with the game to be played against Greenbrier immediately following.

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