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Macon County Junior High Splits Wins with Westmoreland PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, November 16, 2010

By: Misty Green

The Macon County Jr. High School Basketball teams hosted Westmoreland on November 1, 2010.

The Tigerettes won by a score of 35-21 and the Eagles claimed a 34-10 victory in the boy’s game.

Scoring for Macon County was Reese Shrum with 9, Lindsey Belton and Emilee Harris with 7 each, Leah Anderson 6, Marissa Owens and Briley Driver with 3 each. In the boys game... Evan Perrigo with 4, and Brett Davis, Larken Whittemore, and Trace McPherson with 2 points each.

RBS Jr. High Tames Smith County Owls in Monday Night Basketball Games PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Story By: Misty Green

The Red Boiling Springs Junior High School Basketball teams hosted Smith County on November 8, 2010.

In the Girl’s game... The Lady Bulldogs came out strong in the opening round and denied the Owlettes the opportunity to score, while taking advantage of their scoring situations. Lady Bulldogs McKinzie Hix, Kristen Stacey, and Alexis Ouellette marked the board with eight points to lead 8-0.

In the second quarter, Red Boiling Springs did not let up on their game, out-scoring Smith County 14-6 by the halftime buzzer.
The final third period score held Smith County trailing 22-10, and by the final round, Red Boiling Springs had claimed the win with a final score of 29-17.

Kristen Stacey led the Lady Bulldogs to victory with 12 points, followed by McKinzie Hix with 8, Kaitlyn McCarter with 5, and Alexis Ouellette and Emily Gregory with two points each.

In the Boy’s game... The contest between the Red Boiling Springs Bulldogs and the Smith County Owls seemed close throughout the opening round, with RBS leading by a slim 9-8 advantage.

However in the second period, the Bulldog loosened their lead to 20-12 before the halftime break.

The Owls scurried to keep up in the third quarter, but were still left trailing 30-15.

Smith County stepped up their game in the final period, fouling out Bulldog Dallas Greanead and Zane Roberts.

The Owls were lacking ten points midway through the quarter, however the Bulldogs were able to hold on for a 36-25 win.

Alex Mullinix led the Bulldogs to victory with 27 points, followed by Dallas Greanead with 4, Zane Roberts with 3, and Tyler Carlisle with 2 points.

Macon County Soccer League Tournament Games Report PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week 7 ~ October 30, 2010

Two hundred and nine of our children graced the pitch in the fall of 2010.  

This past week signaled the conclusion of the fall season for the Macon County Soccer League. The tournament championship is the final competition of the year and is the coveted crown jewel for most teams. To be named tournament champion can make a teamís season of hard work during practice and the regular season truly complete.  As usual, a large, energetic crowd gathered at the soccer complex to enjoy a full day of action and to cheer on their favorite son, daughter, and team. The tournament champions for fall 2010 are:
U4 Division- Jay Green’s Red team Champion, Seth Blankenship’s Lime Green 2nd place.  
U6 Division- Ronda Paredes’ Tangerine team Champion, Joey Flowers’ Purple team 2nd place.  
U8 Division- Wendell Jones’ and Chris Woodard’s Turquoise team Champion, Wesley Clayborne’s Tangerine team 2nd place.  
U12 Division- Bryan Morgan’s Tangerine team Champion, Carol and Edmundo Chaparro’s Turquoise team 2nd place.  
U18 Division- Larry Dallas’ Tangerine team Champion, David Denney’s Turquoise team 2nd place. Congratulations to our Tournament

Champions and to all of our teams for another fantastic season of soccer.

Game Report U4 Division

Jay Green’s Red team (46) took on Anita McClard’s Tangerine team (3). Scoring for red was Valerie Kirby with 38 goals and Taylor Green with 8 goals. Scoring for tangerine was Omar Onate with 2 goals and Kelley McClard with one goal. Coach McClard extended a thank you to the team for playing hard and having a great season.

Seth Blankenship’s Lime Green team (27) played Courtney Brawner’s Purple team (9). Scoring for lime green was Chloe Blankenship 17 goals, Mattie Goad 5 goals, and Elyssa Walrond with 5 goals.  No report from purple.

Championship Game: Jay Green’s Red team (19) versus Seth Blankenship’s Lime Green team (11). Scoring for red was Valerie Kirby with 14 goals and Taylor Green with 5 goals. Scoring for lime green was Chloe Blankenship with 11 goals.

U6 Division

Kasi Hire’s Lime Green team (5) took on Susan Stevens’ Red team (1). Scoring for lime green was Kadie Hire with 4 goals and Logan Wilson with 1 goal. Scoring for red was Cadence Carter with 1 goal. Coach Stevens reported also playing well was Will Stevens, Roxy Barber, Austin Woodard, Carson Green, and Kyra Gregory.

Kyle Turner’s Royal Blue team (7) played Rhonda Cothron’s Turquoise team (1). Scoring for royal blue was Katelyn Austin 4 goals, Riley Bolton 1 goal, Kennedy Marshall 1 goal, and Delaney Turner with 1 goal. Scoring for turquoise was Allison Thompson with 1 goal. Coach Cothron said, We had a great season. All my players showed great improvement.  Good job!

Joey Flowers’ Purple team (5) played Kasi Hire’s Lime Green team (3). No report from purple.  Scoring for lime green was Logan Wilson with 2 goals and Kadie Hire 1 goal. Coach Hire reported, Kaydence Walrond defended the goal well. Conner Johnson, Lanna Kittrell, Kelan Hire, and Abby Berry all had a great game.

Ronda Paredes’ Tangerine team took (5) on Kyle Turnerís Royal Blue team (2). Scoring for tangerine was Stone Donoho with 4 goals and Christofer Paredes with 1 goal. Scoring for royal blue was Delaney Turner with 1 goal and Katelyn Austin with 1 goal.  Coach Turner said, Karson Meador, Riley Bolton, Kaneeka Wright, and Kennedy Marshall played very well today!

Championship Game: Ronda Paredes Tangerine team (4) versus Joey Flowers’ Purple team (1). Scoring for Tangerine was Stone Donoho with 3 goals and Christofer Paredes with 1 goal.  No report from purple.

U8 Division

Wesley Clayborne’s Tangerine team (5) played Rachel Dulworthís Lime Green team (0). Scoring for tangerine was Logan Whittemore 3 goals, Taylor Ward 1 goal, and Gavin Clayborne with 1 goal. Coach Clayborne said, Isaac Kirby, Brandon Nunez, Emily Ward, McKenzie Wix, Brookelyn Meador, and Abby Kemp all played really well.

Wendell Jones’ and Chris Woodard’s Turquoise team (2) took on Eric Carverís Purple team (1). Scoring for turquoise was Kaitlyn Driver with 1 goal and Eli Woodard with 1 goal. The coaches reported, Eli Woodard, Kaitlyn Driver, and Abby Shoulders played great on offense. Kara Case and Wesley Talley played well both offense and defense. Jose Martinez, Caroline Steva, and Jason McMillan did well defensively.  And a great job by Tyler Jones in net. No report from purple.

Championship Game: Wendell Jones and Chris Woodard’s Turquoise team (2) versus Wesley Clayborne’s Tangerine team (1).Scoring for turquoise was Eli Woodard with 2 goals. Coach Jones and Coach Woodard said, Eli Woodard, Kaitlyn Driver and Abby Shoulders had a great offensive performance. Wesley Talley, Kara Case, Caroline Steva, Jose Martinez, and Jason McMillan turned in a fantastic defensive display and Tyler Jones did a super job in goal. Great job Champs! Scoring for tangerine was Taylor Ward with 1 goal.  Coach Clayborne stated, Gavin Clayborne, Isaac Kirby, Logan Whittemore, Brandon Nunez, Eli Austin, Emily Ward, McKenzie Wix, Brookelyn Meador, and Abby Kemp played great.  I am so proud of our kids.  We had a great season!

U12 Division

Carol and Edmundo Chaparro’s Turquoise team (6) took on Craig Cothron’s Purple team (0).Scoring for turquoise was Connor Chaparro 3 goals, Joshua Hauskin 2 goals and 1 assist, Cameron Wohlgamuth 1 goal, Olivia Belton 2 assists, and Jared Hill with 1 assist. No scoring was recorded for purple, however, Coach Cothron reported, Jordan Powell, Brandon Lau, Brianna Winsett, Alexandria Edwards, Brooklynn Edwards, Callie Cothron, Katelyn Cothron, Keeley Wilkerson, Addison Wright, Nash Wagner, Jonathan Martinez, Isaac Marshall, Bryli Nichols, and Jamie Ashburn all played a well; a great season by all.

Bryan Morgan’s Tangerine team (4) played Perry Knight, Adam Steva, and Shane Diller’s Lime Green team (0). Scoring for tangerine was Scoring for tangerine was Spencer Morgan 1 goal, Mallory Graves 1 goal, Parker Smith 1 goal, and Morgan Carter with 1 goal. No scoring was reported for lime green. Coaches Knight and Steva said, The tangerine team jumped out to a quick 3 goal lead, then the game settled into more of a defensive battle with tangerine adding one more before full time. This team has fought hard and played terrific soccer the entire season.  They have really shown continued improvement throughout the season.  We are very proud of all our fine players for their hard work and competitive spirit: Autumn Matthews, Mia Brawner, Jeremiah Pinzur, Carlos Hernandez, Catherine Kemp, Sam Denney, Leah Steva, Michael Steva, Keely Carter, Nicklas Knight, Benjamin Bray, Hunter Carver, Hannah Steva, Shane Diller, and Caleb Chapman.  Thank you and your parents for a great season.  See you all next year.

Championship Game: Bryan Morgan’s Tangerine team (7) versus Carol and Edmundo Chaparro’s Turquoise team (3). Scoring for tangerine was Spencer Morgan 2 goals, Morgan Carter 1 goal, Caleb Clark 1 goal, Parker Smith 1 goal, and Simon Brawner with 1 goal. Coach Morgan added, I am very proud of all my players and the effort they gave every game. Their teamwork was outstanding as well as their soccer skill improvements. We had a great season and Iím looking forward to the spring. Scoring for turquoise was Cameron Wohlgamuth 2 goals, Connor Chaparro 1 goal and 1 assist, and Joshua Hauskin with 1 assist. Carol and Edmundo said, We came in 2nd place in the tournament, but the team played very well all season long.

U18 Division

Larry Dallas’ Tangerine team (8) took on Robert Hill’s Lime Green team (1). Scoring for tangerine was Chris Wisdom 3 goals, Ben Cook 2 goals, Michael Ashburn 1 goal, Caleb Centers 1 goal, and Frank Hernandez with 1 goal. No report from lime green.

David Denney’s Turquoise team (2) battled Carl Dobbs’ Red team (0). Coach Denney summarized, ìIt was a battle from the start with two evenly matched teams fighting to advance in the tournament. Both sides saw numerous scoring chances destroyed by the other team’s defense.  Almost every scoring chance turned into a counter-attack for the other team. This was the pace of the entire game. At the end of regulation time, the score was still nil-nil. It was then that two 5 minute overtime periods began with an even more fevered pace. The break finally appeared about 4 minutes into the first overtime period when a cross from Tyler Steen was expertly chested into the goal by Winston Sandifer. The ball found the net a second time with less than a minute to play by Tyler Steen coming in from behind the goalie to tap in a ball that had gotten loose. No scoring for red was reported. Coach Dobbs added, ìThis team has played really well this season and I am proud of them all. Micah Schanel, Caleb Anderson, Kendrick Carter, Gabe Johns, Dylan Turner, John Griffith, Shawn Kemp, Rachel White, Drew Pharis, Mary Meador, and Ethan Phillips all played great today.

Championship Game: Larry Dallas’ Tangerine team (7) versus David Denneyís Turquoise team (1). Scoring for tangerine was Ben Cook 2 goals, Chris Wisdom 2 goals, Eddy Chaparro 1 goal, Onnolee Steva 1 goal, and Sebastian Brawner with 1 goal.  Coach Dallas said, This team has played fantastic for me this season. I am proud of each and every one of them.  UNDEFEATED CHAMPS! Coach Denney again summarized, Turquoise started this match energized from the win in the last match but also exhausted from the competition. The team worked well with a new formation meant to blunt Tangerine’s attack even though we hadn’t practiced it. This new formation left us somewhat weak in offense so we didn’t get a lot of scoring chances.  Towards the end of the first half, we hit a bit of bad luck.  Winston Sandifer picked up his second yellow card, resulting in a red card and was sent off the pitch. The rest of the team transitioned to a new formation and kept fighting to the very end. Our only goal in this match came from Tyler Steen late in the second half. We ended the season in second place with first going to a very strong team. Before I list players who played well, I would like to say goodbye to this team’s players that have played their last season with our league. Most will be too old to sign up next season. Amanda Denney, Tonya Michael and Ryan Tucker, you will be missed. Both Tyler Steen and Jesse Denney had a good showing today in the goal, Derrick Lau, Jonathan Pinzur, Hunter Sullivan, and Travis Carver played well in defense. Cody Lau, Amanda Denney, Samuel Thomas, Samantha Matthews, Tonya Michael, and Meredith Carr kept the pressure up in the midfield.  Winston Sandifer, Ryan Tucker, and Moses Pinzur had a good day in the offense position.

The MCSL, players, and parents thank’s everyone for supporting the league this season. 

Markie Voyles Act PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Law Requires Full-Time Served with No Plea Reduction


The late Markie Voyles,  age 17 when she died on October 26, 2008.


Dear Family & Friends:
We are pleased to announce that both the senate and house have passed a bill named the “Markie Voyles Act” which will require any adult being found guilty of contributng to the delinquency of a minor resuting in death will now have to serve the full sentence of 11 months and 29 days with no plea in reduction of sentence. It may not seem like much, but, it’s definitely a start.

The adult who provided the alcohol for his daughter’s birthday party in Markie’s case only received 90 days in jail and a $500.00 fine. His minor daughter only received probation. And, the driver was convicted of vehicular homicide and served only one year with ten years probation.  
Contributing to delinquency of minor requires an adult convicted of contributing to delinquency of a minor to serve 100 percent of a Class A misdemeanor sentence if the offense involved supplying a substance to a minor that is unlawful for minor to possess and the minor engages in conduct that causes the death of another. Amendment: House amendment 1 changes effective date to July 1, 2010. House amendment 2 renames the bill the Markie Voyles Act.

TCA Sec. 37-01-0156
Senate Status: Senate 06/05/2010 concurred in House amendments 1 and 2. House Status: House 06/04/2010 passed with amendments 1 and 2. Other Status: Enacted as Public Chapter 1116 (effective 07/01/2010).

This is a start. Think of your students, your family, your life.

The Voyles Famly

6th Grade and 9 & 10 Blue Teams win Area Championships! PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, November 16, 2010

By: David Phillips

This past Saturday, our 9 & 10 Blue Team and our 6th Grade Blue Team travelled to Westmoreland to participate in the Area Championship Bowl games.  Our 9 & 10 team won their 4th Area Championship and our 6th Grade team won their 7th Area Championship.  The 9 & 10 year olds played Station Camp in their 1st game and defeated them by a score of 44-0. Seth Carlisle had 91 yards, 3 TD’s and 3 tackles; Seth Barber had 54 yards, 1 TD and 3 tackles; Taylor Carman had 54 yards, 2 2-pt conversions and 1 tackle; Houston Stafford had 46 yards, 1 TD and 1 tackle; Cole Carnahan had 17 yards and 1 2-pt conversion; Landon Wix had 1 2-pt reception and 2 tackles; Zack Pemberton had 17 yards and 2 tackles; Lee Pruitte had 14 yards and 1 TD; Jordan Powell had 6 tackles; Zach Emmitt had 5 tackles; Austin Smith had 3 tackles; Jared Whitefield and Tanner Wilmore had 2 tackles each and James Dorris, Chris Birchfield, Logan Hewitt, Chase Whittemore, Jacob Atkins, Isaiah Scott, Spencer Hogin, Stephen Lancaster, Dawson Gunter, Hunter Nelson, Levi Bolton, Carson Brawner and Chris Oliver had 1 tackle each.  In the 2nd game, they defeated Westmoreland 36-6.  Seth Carlisle had 2 rushing TD’s, 1 kick-off return for a TD and a 2-pt conversion; Taylor Carman had 68 yards, 1 TD and 2 tackles; Seth Barber had 44 yards, a 2-pt conversion and 1 tackle; Cole Carnahan had 29 yards, 1 TD and 1 2-pt conversion; Landon Wix had 22 yards and 2 tackles; Logan Hewitt had 15 yards; Jared Whitefield had 8 tackles; Carson Brawner had 6 tackles; Jordan Powell  and Zach Emmitt had 5 tackles; Tanner Wilmore had 4 tackles; Lee Pruitte had 2 tackles and Houston Stafford, Denver Krantz, Zack Pemberton, Austin Smith, James Dorris Chase Whittemore, Trent Boles and Jacob Atkins had 1 tackle each.

The 6th grade team defeated Westmoreland 26-0.  Cayden Shrum had 72 yards and 1 tackle; Jason Sewell had 60 yards, 1 TD and 7 tackles; Austin Shelton had 39 yards, 2 TD’s and 1 tackle; Braxton Crawford had 18 yards; Bryson Smith had 15 yards, 1 TD and 2 tackles; Brian Swindle had 7 tackles; Tyler Johns had 4 tackles; Trevor Meador and Dylan Butler had 3 tackles; Shane Whitefield had 2 tackles; and Tanner Cleary and Tyler Swindle had 1 tackle each.  They were supposed to play Station Camp too, but Station Camp pulled out of the tournament after their 1st game, so we only had 1 game for the day.

Members of the 9 & 10 year old team included Isaiah Scott, Seth Carlisle, Seth Barber, Landon Wix, Lee Pruitte, Houston Stafford, Denver Krantz, Cole Carnahan, Spencer Hogin, Zack Pemberton, Austin Smith, James Dorris, Taylor Carman, Tanner Wilmore, Chris Birchfield, Logan Hewitt, Stephen Lancaster, Jared Whitefield, Chase Whittemore, Trent Boles, Jacob Atkins, Dawson Gunter, Zach Emmitt, Lucas Berry, Wes Sadler, Hunter Nelson, Levi Bolton, Carson Brawner, Chris Oliver and Jordan Powell.  Lucas Berry had an injury during the 1st half of the first game so we want to wish him a speedy recovery and thanks for staying and rooting your team on.  On behalf of the league and all the coaches – we hope to see all of you back next year!

Members of the 6th grade team included Braxton Crawford, Jason Sewell, Bryson Smith, Tanner Cleary, Hunter Dickens, Cayden Shrum, Austin Shelton, Shane Whitefield, Trevor Meador, Tyler Johns, Jordan Amos, Jacob McClard, Mason Trent, Brian Swindle, Andrew Eastman, Markus Jones, Tyler Swindle, Chandler Hudson, Hunter Bolton and Dylan Butler.  To each of you – we wish you all the best of luck next year on the Jr High level and we sincerely hope to see each and every one of you all the way through the high school years!

On a personal note – I am very proud of both of our teams as you represented Macon County, our league, your teams and yourselves extremely well!  Every ballplayer did an outstanding job and everyone got to play in each game.  Our teams, players and coaches all did a wonderful job and showed class and sportsmanship throughout the games.  I hope to see all of you again next year – either in our league or at the next level for all you 6th graders this year!

Also, our league awards day has been scheduled for Saturday November 20 at Lafayette Elementary School.  The 6-8 division will be held at 12:00 and the 9-12 division will be held at 2:00.  Trophies will be handed out to each cheerleader and player that remained dedicated to their team for the whole season.

Cheering for the blue and white teams were A J Overstreet, Hannah Keene, Megan Swindle, Lexi Presley, Taylor Kirby, Katlyn Jones, Kaitlyn Newberry, Kayci Harrison, and Harlee Carter.  Coaches were Keshia Morgan, Brenda Jones, and Anna Carter with student helpers of Katelyn Greanead and Kaitie Ellis.  Thanks to each of these girls and coaches for helping support both of our blue and white teams and for a great job with the cheers and the dance.  We hope to see each of you again next year and for those of you going into Jr High, we wish you the best of luck in everything you do!

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