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Red Boiling Springs’ 2010 Season Begins With 29-6 Victory Against Oakdale

By: Misty Green
The Red Boiling Springs High School Bulldog football team traveled to Oakdale last Friday night, August 20, to open the 2010 season.

Emotions before the game were running wild for the red and grey as they chartered the two hour trip.

The recollection of breaking the losing streak last season against this very team was enough to rattle their nerves, however the Bulldogs have been dealing with other weights on their hearts, the death of fellow teammate Brandon Tidwell. With #77 marking the helmet of every player, the Bulldogs determined this season to be one in memory of their friend, who now looks down on the grid-iron from above…

The Bulldogs raced onto the Eagles field with a mission of ruling the game from the opening kick, and at 6:17 in the first quarter, Isaiah Washington, who appeared to be canned in the backfield, found a hole to slip through and dashed to the endzone. The extra-point kick was good to lead Oakdale 7-0. The Eagles seemed to be their own worst enemy, making numerous penalties throughout the game. In the second period, Red Boiling Springs QB Cody Dickens and Washington completed the second touchdown of the night to lead 13-0. On the kick return, Oakdale was finally able to get on the board, however Chris Dziekiewicz nulled the 2-pt. conversion, Oakdale trailed 13-6.

In the third quarter, the Bulldogs were knocking on the door with less than two minutes left to play, so Dickens and Washington came on in, adding eight more points to their lead. 

A run by senior running back Shelton Watson placed the Bulldogs line of scrimmage at the 23 yard line for a 1st & 10. A pass from Dickens to Watson ended at the 16. Washington returned from a third quarter injury to achieve a ten-yard placement, which had the Bulldogs knocking on the door one more time. Dickens was sacked bringing up 3rd & 8. Watson rushed to the five, but a holding penalty brought RBS back to the 20. Watson brought the Bulldogs back to the 14-yard line, bringing up 4th & 10. After a Bulldog time out, RBS picked up their last touchdown, on a pass to junior Matthew French waiting in the endzone. The two-pt. conversion by Watson was good, RBS returned home with a 29-6 victory over Oakdale. RBS travels to Pickett Co. on September 3.