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Macon County Peewee Football & Cheerleading League News

By: David Phillips
The 14th annual Lion’s Bowl was held October 30th at Pat Parker field with seven games of football action taking place.  

The 1st game had the LSU Tigers defeating the Spartans 26-0.  For LSU, Braxton Crawford had 87 yards and 2 TD’s; Bryson Smith had 75 yards and 1 TD; James Dorris had 35 yards and 3 tackles; Tyler Johns had 12 tackles; Tyler Swindle had 11 tackles and Tyler Whittemore had 3 tackles.  For the Spartans, Dylan Texcahua had 20 yards and 2 tackles; Jordan Powell had 12 yards and 2 tackles; Luke Texcahua had 6 tackles; and Christopher Oliver and Matthew Trent had 2 tackles each.

The 2nd game had Bama winning over the Tigers 14-12. For Bama, Logan Locker had 77 yards, 1 TD and 3 tackles; Connor Johnson had 60 yards, 1 TD and 3 tackles; Cameron Houston had 20 yards and 2 tackles; Tyler Jenkins had 8 yards and a 2-pt conversion; and Will Talley had 2 tackles.  For The Tigers, Isaac Belton had 147 yards, a TD and 9 tackles; Layne Wix had 27 yards; Landon Colter had 21 yards and 5 tackles; Quinton McCloud had 6 tackles; and Zachary Long and Cason Carman had 3 tackles each.

The 3rd game had the Vols defeating the Titans 26-6.  For the Vols, Luke Robinette had 157 yards, 3 TD’s and 3 tackles; Matthew Murphy had 78 yards and 1 TD; Jon Gammons had 20 yards and 2 tackles; Isaac Meador had 12 yards; and Matthew Fuqua, Trace Holmes and Tanner Gann had 2 tackles each. For the Titans, Curtis Oliver had 100 yards and 8 tackles; Brian Kirby had 26 yards and 2 tackles; Brandon Jenkins had 10 yards and 1 TD; and Michael Mathews had 4 tackles.

The 4th game had the Cowboys winning over the Westmoreland Raiders 34-0.  No stats were available for the Cowboys at presstime.

The 5th game had the Bulldogs defeating the Westmoreland Jets 26-7.  For the Bulldogs, Seth Carlisle had 178 yards rushing with 3 TD’s, a 54 yard interception for a TD and 5 tackles; Carson Brawner had a 2-pt reception and 4 tackles; Riley Phillips had 26 yards and 4 tackles; Shane Whitefield had 28 yards receiving and 5 tackles; and Landon Wix, Zach Emmitt, Jared Whitefield and Hunter Nelson had 4 tackles each.

The 6th game had the Steelers winning over the Westmorland Eagles 16-6.  For the Steelers, Jason Sewell had 86 yards, 1 TD and 7 tackles; Austin Shelton had 23 yards and 2 tackles; Spencer Hogin had a 40 yard TD reception; Trevor Meador had 9 tackles; Hayden Manion had 5 tackles; Hunter Bolton, Tanner Cleary and Michael Tirjan had 3 tackles each; and Mason Warfield had 2 tackles.

The 7th and final game had the Blue Raiders defeating the Westmoreland Titans 19-0.  For the Blue Raiders, Cayden Shrum had 153 yards, 2 TD’s and 8 tackles; Hunter Dickens had 57 yards, 1 TD and a 1-pt conversion; Dylan Butler had 11 tackles and 2 fumble recoveries; Brian Swindle had 7 tackles; and Houston Stafford, Mason Trent and Cameron Hall had 3 tackles each.

The 9 & 10 year old and 6th grade blue teams will be playing at Westmoreland this coming Saturday, November 6 in the area tournament.   The 9 & 10’s will play at 11:30 against Station Camp and then at 2:30 if they lose or at 5:30 if they win.  The 6th grade team will play at 4:00 against Station Camp and then again at 7:00 against Westmoreland.  Everyone needs to come on over to Westmoreland and show your support for these future stars of Macon County.

Also, Congratulations to Coach Pemberton, the coaching staff and the MCHS Tigers on making the 2010 TSSAA State Playoffs. These boys  have done a tremendous job this year!