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Red Boiling Springs 33rd Annual Tip-off Classic Jr. High Tournament

The Red Boiling Springs Junior High Basketball teams held the 33rd Annual Tip-off Classic Basketball Tournament on October 26-30, 2010.

In the Girl’s Division… Allons placed first, followed by Rickman, Celina, and RBS. The Coach’s Award went to Paige Smith from Allons.

All-Tournament Girl’s Team: RBS’ Kaitlyn McCarter, (Celina) Hope Roach, Kennedy Smith (Rickman) Susana Story, Skyla Looper, Taylor Witt (Allons) Kellsey Ray, Kenzie Melton, Halie Beason, Addy Stover, and MVP Jameson Dailey.

In the Boy’s Division… Rickman placed first, followed by RBS, Celina, and Allons. Coach’s Award went to Billy Rickman.

All-Tournament Boy’s Team: (Allons) John Micheal Ferrell, (Celina) Taylor brown, Addison Rich, (RBS) Alex Mullinix, Nick Deckard, Skyler Holden, (Rickman) Mason Mahaney, Logan Clark, Drew Gore, Kaleb Qualls, and MVP Wade Eldridge.