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MCHS Splits Wins With Gallatin

Tigerettes Increase to 7-0, and Tigers Handed 1st Loss

Story By: Misty Green

The Macon County High School Basketball teams hosted Gallatin on Friday, December 3, 2010.

In the girls game… The Tigerettes exploded the first quarter with a 21-9 lead over Gallatin, and continued to rain down the baskets for a 41-15 advantage before halftime.

The Green Wave opponent was unable to recover in the second half of the game and was defeated by Macon County with a final score of 69-44.

Katie Reid led the Tigerettes to victory with 16 points, followed by Kelsey Gregory with 14 points, Katelyn Bean with 13 points, Kailyn Brooks with 12 points, Terra Pryor with eight points, Katie Beth Meador three points, Michaela Thompson with two points, and Savannah Harper with one point.

In the boys game… The Tigers were unable to continue their winning streak in the Friday night challenge against Gallatin, however they did return from a 12-3 first quarter deficit to only trail 21-18 going into the halftime break, with baskets made by Zack Billenstien (3 pts.), Andrew Kempf (3 pts.), Tyler Manning (4 pts.), Mic Wise (2 pts.), and Brantley Russell (3 pts).

Gallatin was fouled to start out the third quarter and made only one of their free-throw shots. Tiger Brantley Russell answered with a lay-up to trail 22-20. Gallatin then nailed their third 3-pt shot of the game and a lay-up to lead 27-20.

To end the third quarter, Zack Billenstien recorded six points, Dallas Grace put in nine points, and Shawn Kemp added one point, however the Tigers were still left trailing 44-36 when the buzzer sounded.

The final period for the Macon County boys was a tough one as they raced against the clock to recover the eight-point deficit.

Dallas Grace marked the first points in the fourth quarter. Brantley Russell was then tagged with a questionable technical foul, and Gallatin seized one easy-point to extend  their lead. Grace returned the next rebound to narrow the gap 44-40 with 6:45 left to play.
Tyler Manning then picked up his fourth foul, as Gallatin inched forward 45-40.

Billenstien slid in a lay-up, before Manning fouled out of the game, and Gallatin picked up two more free-points, GHS 47, MCHS 42.
Mic Wise was then plagued with his second foul, and then had two free shots of his own, however all baskets failed.

With 2:09 left in the game, Dallas Grace nailed a two-pt. shot to inch the Tigers score closer to their opponent, 47-44.
Shawn Kemp then fouled, and Gallatin capitalized with both free-throws, 49-44.

Grace was able to sink two more baskets before the final buzzer, however Gallatin was able to hang on to their lead to defeat Macon County with a final score of 55-48.

Dallas Grace led the Tigers in points with 17, followed by Zack Billenstien with 15, Brantley Russell with five points, Tyler Manning with four points, Mic Wise and Andrew Kempf recorded three points each,  and Trey McPherson added one point in the game.