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MCHS Tigerettes Slip Past Clay Co., 41-40

By: Misty Green

The Macon County High School Basketball teams traveled to Celina on December 17, 2010, to face the boys and girls of Clay County.

In the girls game… The heat was on in the last quarter of the challenge, with the Lady Bulldogs narrowing their trail as the final moments ticked away on the game clock. The Tigerettes opened the challenge with a 14-9 lead, and by halftime, Macon County held a 22-14 advantage. Clay County returned in the third quarter to shadow the Tigerettes 33-29.

As time began to expire in the fourth quarter, the Lady Bulldogs were able to claim a 40-39 lead over Macon County. With enough time for one Tigerette possession left in this match. Calamity Jane Coley, waiting under the goal was able to sink her shot with the winning points as the buzzer sounded. Macon County 41, Clay County 40.

Coley led the Tigerettes with ten points, followed by Kailyn Brooks with nine points, Katie Reid and Kelsey Gregory with eight points each, Katelyn Bean with four points, and Terra Pryor with two points.

In the boys game… The Macon County Tigers  (5-3) opened the first quarter with a 14-12 lead, which continued until halftime, 22-21. Returning to the third quarter, Clay County’s Bulldogs (6-1) slipped past the Tigers 30-28, then added 18 points and allowed the  Tigers 13, to claim a 48-41 victory over Macon County.

Dallas Grace recorded 13 points, followed by Zack Billenstien with ten points, Trey McPherson with six points, Tyler Manning with five points, Brantley Russell with four points, Andrew Kempf with two points, and Shawn Kemp with one point.