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Macon County Jr. Pro Basketball News

By David Phillips

We had 10 entertaining games once again this past Saturday as we are winding our league down. We had to move some of the games around for the other Jr High and high school games that were taking place so we began our day at 9:00. In the 1st game, Connie Shrum’s team won over Dewayne Cook’s team 46-19. For Connie, Cayden Shrum had 11, Heston King had 10, Kendrick Carter had 7, Cole Carnahan and Isaac Belton had 6 each, Seth Barber had 4 and Jared Hill had 2. For Dewayne, Kelton Ballou had 10, Josh Hauskins had 5 and Trent Cook had 4.

The 2nd game had Brian Long’s team defeating Barry Polston’s team 36-20. For Brian, Owen Goodman had 13, Chase Long had 11, Michael Tirjan had 6, Josh Tirjan had 4 and Johnathan Pruitte had 2. For Barry, Kade Allen had 7, Spencer Hogin had 5, Ben Burrow had 4, and Landon Polston and Ryan Carver had 2 each.

The 3rd game had Laura Ward’s team winning over Chris Crowder’s team 7-4.  For Laura, Taylor Ward, Madilyn Goodall and Sierra Stafford had 2 each and Briley Morgan had 1.  For Chris, Haley Davis had 4.

The 4th game had Joey Wilkerson’s team defeating Matt Wilson’s team 9-0.  For Joey, Chloe Donoho had 6 and Kennedy Fleming had 3.  There was no points scored on Matt’s team but there were several girls that did a good job defensively.

The 5th game had Brian Long’s winning over Donnie Crawford’s team 15-14.  For Brian, Logan Williams had 11 and Samuel Reid had 4.  For Donnie, Tanner Gann had 12 and Logan Whittemore had 2.

The 6th game had Derek Meador’s team defeating Greg Cline’s team 21-12.  For Derek, Isaac Meador had 9, Connor Trent had 8 and Ryan Underwood had 4.  For Greg, Lake Reid had 6, Brody Clariday had 4 and Hayden Blankenship had 2.

The 7th game had Wes Clayborne’s team winning over Grace & Manning’s team 22-14.  For Wes, Elliot McGuire had 12, Gavin Clayborne had 4 and Landon Colter, Carson Pedigo and Wesley Carver all had 2 each.  For Grace & Manning, Connor Johnson had 12 and Alex Villanveva had 2.

The 8th game had Shawn Carter’s team defeating Shayron Jenkins’ team 23-18.  For Shawn, Keeley Carter had 12, Morgan Carter had 4, Krista Perkins had 3 and Keeley Clariday and Bailey Porter had 2 each.  For Shayron, Kristen Shoulders had 5, Chloe Cliburn had 4, Taylor Woodard had 3 and Kara Bowman, Bailey Tucker and Tamra Murphy had 2 each.

The 9th game had Kylie Clark’s team winning over Anthony Bullington’s team 15-8.  For Kylie, Sydney Henson and Cayley Tuck had 4 each, Bailey Morgan had 3 and Abby Tuck and Lauren Henson had 2 each.  For Anthony, Allyssa West and Kyndal Bullington had 4 each.

The final game had Jason Marsh’s team defeating Donnie Crawford’s team 25-3.  For Jason, Houston Stafford, Matthew Murphy, Aaron Colter and Dawson Brawner had 4 each, Devon Dillehay had 3 and Dalton Marsh, Landon Wix and Jerryn Howser had 2 each.