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Red Boiling Springs Lady Bulldogs Journey to State

RBS vs Trousdale Co. February 28, 2011 – Region 4A Semi-Final

By Misty Green

The Red Boiling Springs High School Lady Bulldogs advanced in the region semi-finals held at Watertown on February 28th, 2011, after defeating Trousdale County for the third time this season, by a score of 46-39 in the Region 4-A game.

The Lady Bulldogs led the opening quarter 12-10, but by the halftime break the Lady Jackets of Trousdale County had slipped ahead of Red Boiling Springs with a 22-20 advantage.

The game was definitely intense from the tip off, staying neck-in-neck throughout the game. Trousdale County popped in two-points to open the third quarter, however the Lady Bulldogs stood ready to answer. Two free-throws by senior Heather Jenkins tied the game at 24 each, with 4:38 remaining in the period. Trousdale County replied with a hard fought lay-up, yet senior Mackenzie Painter was fouled to re-tie the game at 26 each, 2:46 left in the quarter. The Lady Jackets then acquired a three-point play to lead 29-26, 1:29 remaining. Lady Bulldog Morgan Burgener was allowed to walk to the line with .30 on the game clock, Red Boiling Springs trails 29-28.

The Lady Dawgs regained control early in the final period with points made by Mackenzie Painter, Morgan Burgener, and Katie Hix for a nine-point advantage. The Lady Jackets quickly answered with three two-point shots to trail 38-35 with three minutes remaining in the challenge. One free-throw from Painter, and two from the highly guarded senior Layce Colter pushed the Lady Bulldogs forward 41-35 with .44 remaining in regulation.

Within 15 seconds, Trousdale County nailed four points from the floor, to shadow the Lady Bulldogs 41-39.
With adrenaline flowing at full force, the Lady Jackets fouled three Lady Bulldogs in the remaining 14 seconds, and with two free-shots from Mackenzie Painter and Morgan Burgener, and one-point from Katie Hix, Red Boiling Springs was able to claim the win, 46-39.

Katie Hix and Mackenzie Painter led the Lady Dawgs to victory with 11 points each, followed by Heather Jenkins with eight points, Morgan Burgener with seven points, Marina Evans with five points, and Layce Colter with four points.
The Lady Bulldogs were to play Jackson County in the Region 4-A finals on Wednesday at Watertown.

RBS vs Jackson Co. March 2, 2011 – Region 4A Championship

Lady Bulldogs ~ Region 4-A Runner-ups

By Misty Green

The Red Boiling Springs High School Lady Bulldogs advanced at Watertown to face the Lady Blue Devils of Jackson County on March 2, 2011, in the Region 4-A championship game.

RBS’ Layce Colter marked the first points of the game with a three-pt. shot. Jackson County answered with two-points of their own to trail 3-2. Morgan Burgener layed-in two, to push the Lady Bulldogs score to 5-2. The Lady Blue Devils took their first lead of the night with five back-to-back points (7-5), however two free throws by Mackenzie Painter and a lay-in by Colter knotted the score at 11 points each. Burgener then returned a rebound to re-gain the lead 13-11. With .30 remaining in the first quarter, Layce Colter rushed to the three-point line and took her shot. Missing the rim by mere inches, Morgan Burgener returned the rebound to give Red Boiling Springs a 15-11 advantage at the buzzer.

Jackson County opened the second quarter of play with five points to take over the lead. Colter the planted another three in the basket, giving the Lady Dawgs a two-point shadow, 18-16. The Lady Blue Devils pushed forward and found a scoring streak, adding ten consecutive points to lead 28-18 more than midway through the second period.

Colter was then fouled and achieved two free-points, however the Lady Blue Devils was ready to keep RBS’ trail extended at ten points with two of their own, 30-20, and 2:25 on the game clock. Six points from Lady Bulldogs Heather Jenkins, Mackenzie Painter, and Morgan Burgener inched Red Boiling Springs closer to trail 30-26, yet within less than one minute, Jackson County continued their jump ahead, acquiring a 34-28 advantage during the halftime break.

The Lady Bulldogs were held to a low two-points in the third period, while their opponent extended their lead to 50-30.
After four quarters of play, including the last period also belonging to Jackson County (14-11), the Lady Blue Devils claimed the win, 64-41, and the RBS girls were named runner-up of Region 4A.

Layce Colter and Morgan Burgener led the team in scoring with 12 points each, followed by Mackenzie Painter with eight, Heather Jenkins with four, Kelsey Jenkins with three, and Kalisha Lynch with two.
RBS were to play Marion County in the Class A Sectional (Sub-State) Game on March 5, 2011.


RBS defeats Marion County March 5, 2011 – Class A Sectional (Sub-State)

By Misty Green

After becoming the Region 4A runner-ups last week, the Red Boiling Springs High School Lady Bulldogs hit the road on March 5, 2011, to compete in the Class A Sectional (Sub-State) game against Marion County in Jasper, Tennessee.

Marion County took an early five-point lead to open the challenge, which was immediately answered with a lay-in by Morgan Burgener. Marion added two more to their score, however four back-to-back baskets by Burgener inched the Lady Dawgs to shadow Marion 7-6. Marion added two points to their lead with 3:36 remaining in the first period, yet a shot by Heather Jenkins kept RBS within a one-point reach, 9-8. Mackenzie Painter then hit a scoring streak, making a three-point shot and a lay-in, giving the Lady Bulldogs a 13-9 advantage with 2:05 on the game clock. Marion added one shot to the score, as RBS ended the opening quarter of play with a 13-11 lead.

In the second quarter, Marion walked to the line to immediately tie the game at 13 all, however the Lady Bulldogs pounced on the next few scoring opportunities, with a lay-in by Layce Colter, a free throw by Heather Jenkins, and five points from Mackenzie Painter to now hold a 21-13 lead with 5 minutes left in the first half of play. The Lady Warriors succeeded with their next three two-point baskets to trail 21-19, and also tagging Burgener with her third personal foul. Colter then planted two in the rim, which was answered by Marion County, 23-22 with 1:45 on the game clock. Colter made a pass to Jenkins to inch forward 25-22, followed by two points from Katie Hix and two free shots by Burgener.

RBS kept the lead 29-26 to end the second period.
Marion took their first lead of the game with 4:36 in the third quarter, yet two points from Hix tied the game at 31 each. Colter followed with two-points to lead 33-31. A very aggressive defensive play by Burgener left her tagged with her fourth foul as she tried to prevent a two-point lay-in, which worked since Marion only nailed one shot, RBS leads 31-32. Colter landed a three-point basket with 2:11 on the game clock, which was answered with a three from Marion County, RBS 36, Marion 35. Hix was then allowed to walk to the line, edging RBS up to 37. Colter followed with another three with 1:12 remaining in the third quarter. Marion made one more lay-in to end the period, RBS leads 40-37.

Knowing that winner proceeds to the State Tournament and the loser goes to the house, Red Boiling Springs determined to put their best on the line and stepped up their game in the final round.

Colter opened the period with lay-in and free throw basket to lead 43-37, which was answered with two from Marion County. Four points from Colter and two from Hix extended the Lady Dawgs led to 49-39. Marion tried to narrow the ten-point shadow, however plays by Painter, Jenkins, Colter, Burgener, and Hix kept the Lady Warriors at arms length for a 70-53 victory, and advancement to the Class A State Tournament.

Three Lady Bulldog seniors led the team to victory, starting with Layce Colter with 28 points, followed by Mackenzie Painter with 13 points, and Heather Jenkins with 10 points. Katie Hix recorded nine points, Morgan Burgener had eight points, and Mayson Burgener made two points in the win.
The Lady Bulldogs will now play Wayne County in the Class A State Tournament on March 9 at 2:30 p.m. at MTSU in Murfreesboro.