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School Resource Officers, Protecting Our Students


Parents can rest a little easier now that the School Resource Officers (SRO’s) have been established at every school in Macon County, guaranteeing that a trained individual is there to protect our students and make sure they are safe while attending classes.

The Macon County Board of Education had talked about hiring more School Resource Officers for several years and couldn’t seem to find the money, but in light of the Connecticut School Massacre they decided during an emergency meeting, it had to be done to safe guard our students.

Macon County Sheriff Mark Gammons, Lafayette Police Chief Stacey Gann, Red Boiling Springs Police Chief Terry Tuck, and Macon County SRO Sergeant Terry Akins addressed the board with their dedication to increasing police presence on school grounds, and doing their part to help out.

“These officers aren’t just there for the job,” said Sheriff Mark Gammons. “These dedicated law enforcement officers love the school kids and want to protect them, while keeping them safe on the school grounds.”
Gammons said the SRO’s want to build friendships with the students and reassure the kids they can come to them with any problems they might have.

The officers arrive at their assigned schools at 7:15 a.m. in the morning and they also remain on the school grounds during extra curricular activities. “I have received numerous calls from parents,” added Sheriff Gammons, “thanking me and the SRO’s for the added protection at their children’s schools.”

The School Resource Officers and their assigned schools are: Phil Harper, Central Elementary; Timothy Hackett, Westside Elementary; Josh Smith, Lafayette Elementary; Brian Carter, Macon County Jr. High; Ira D. Meador, RBS High & Elementary; Jennifer Coley, Fairlane Elementary; and Sgt. Terry Atkins, Macon County High School.