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Happy Mother’s Day


There is a timeless connection between a mother and her children.

Mother’s are blessed with the gift of life and their powerful love knows no bounds. Hurt, sorrows and disappointments always fall to the wayside as Mom’s work their magic and they spend their life as mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers. Mother’s Day is a celebration that is recognized to honor all mothers and to thank them for their support through some of life’s greatest challenges.

Mrs. Joyce Green, of Red Boiling Springs, is the loving mother of three grown children and according to her oldest daughter, Patricia Ferguson, she is the rock of the large extended family.

Joyce was born on Church Street, here in Lafayette and she is the daughter of the late Wash and Bessie Brandon Patterson. She met her husband William (Bill) Green in the summer of 1947 and they married in Tompkinsville, Ky., on November 9, 1949, at Preacher Carter’s home.

“I met Bill at the Palace Park in the summer of 1947,” Joyce said, “and two years later we were married. Before we knew it, Patricia came along on August 12, 1951, followed by Don on February 4, 1953. Jan was born several years later on March 17, 1958.”

Joyce said she stayed at home until the children were all in school and she then began working at Macon Bank & Trust in Red Boiling Springs in 1968, after President Dayton Chitwood hired her. She resigned in 1991, when Bill retired from Macon Bank & Trust in Lafayette, where he was president.

“I always wanted to be a mother,” Joyce smiled with pride. “Bill and I created three wonderful children and we have cherished every minute watching them grow up to become wonderful adults. Their love is certainly treasured in the Green household.”

“It was a moment of wonder, every time a new voice was heard throughout the years and I realize how lucky I am to now be called “grandma” and “great grandma.”

She says that Patricia, Don and Jan all graduated from Red Boiling Springs High School and they all played basketball. Patricia and Don graduated from MTSU and Jan went for two years before transferring to the pharmacy school in Memphis. All three also have post college degrees.

“I am very proud of the fact that my children all achieved their goals,” added Joyce. “I have been blessed to share in their hopes and dreams, and I have also been blessed with good health as I watch their families continue to grow, now that I am 81-years-old.”

Patricia says that time seems to stand still when she thinks of her mother. “My mother is my best friend and she has always supported me. I don’t know what I would have done without her kindness, generosity and love throughout the years. Although I am 61-year-old, I still feel like the young daughter who is learning from her. In the quiet moments I realize that I have become whole because of my mother.” “Mom is the rock of our family and she is the very heart of motherhood,” Patricia said. “She is always there for us and it’s seems like she can always make everything better.”

Don said that he might be a little bias, but he thinks Joyce is the best mother there every was. “Whenever I think things are falling apart, all I have to do is talk to her and all of a sudden, thinks are not so bad,” said Don. “She knows how to make everything okay. But I guess the real reason I love her so much is for her pinto beans, corn bread and, of course, her chocolate pie!” “I love you and happy Mother’s Day,” Don remarked.

The youngest of the three Green children, Jan says that she has truly been blessed to have Joyce as a mother. “Both Mama and Daddy always worked hard and provided well for our family,” Jan said. “Don is right, Mama is the best cook that I know, and we always had home-cooked meals, of which most of it came from our garden. They still spend their summers gardening and canning to feed the entire family. She is an outstanding example of what a mother should be. She is a faithful, kind, loving, and understanding individual who instilled confidence in us, taught us right from wrong, and took us to church where we found the Lord.”“As I get older, people that know my mother tell me that I remind them so much of her,” Jan continued. “I always say ‘thank you’, I take that as a compliment. I love Mama very much and thank the Lord for her.”

“Happy Mother’s Day, Joyce Green,” from your family.