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Former Correctional Officer Arrested

According to the TBI, between January 1, 2012 and March 14, 2013, shortly after she was hired by the Macon County Jail, Wendy Carter began a sexual relationship with an inmate, which lasted approximately a year.

“Earlier this year, I received information off misconduct going on in the jail,” said Sheriff Mark Gammons. “I contacted District Attorney General Tommy Thompson and requested him to have a TBI investigation on Wendy Carter.”

Sheriff Gammons said at that time he turned all the information over to the TBI and they conducted the investigation.

“After turning the information over, I dismissed Carter from all her duties at the Macon County Sheriffs Office,” said the Sheriff.

The TBI press release stated that Carter would disable surveillance cameras in the jail or seek locations without a surveillance camera to engage in sexual activity with the inmate. She also exchanged nude photos and arranged sexual encounters with the inmate after providing him with a cell phone in the jail.

Bond was set for $2,500, when Wendy Carter was booked into jail.

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