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Hwy 10 Hill Project Moves Ahead

The mayor received a letter from Commissioner John Schroer on Friday, June 14, stating that the department had been monitoring crash reports occurring on SR-10 in this vicinity and working with the local Division Office of the Federal Highway Administration. Schroer said that he was pleased to report that he has been able to identify funding under one of the safety programs, to deliver the project.

Commissioner Schroer also said that he could certainly appreciate the mayor’s position and that he shared Linville’s goals in wanting to provide the safest roads possible for all Tennesseans, therefore he had directed his staff to accelerate the schedule from the fall of 2014 and ready this project for construction in a spring 2014 bid opening.

“Even after the Governor and Transportation Commissioner released the 3-year plan on April 16, without our Highway 10 Hill project listed,” said Mayor Linville, “I still felt that these same two individuals could make this project happen.”

“I have been communicating with Commissioner Schroer and I am happy to report that my persistence has apparently paid off,” said the Mayor. “I believe the Commissioner realizes the danger in which the Highway 10 Hill poses and has found a way to help us sooner rather than later.”

Mayor Linville would like to thank the Transportation Commissioner and the Governor for their concern and their commitment to accelerate this project. “I certainly look forward to seeing orange barrels and bulldozers on that hill.”

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