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LPD Finds Two Active Meth Labs

LPD Sgt. Shane Reed was patrolling on Scottsville Road when he noticed a GMC pickup truck with a flat tire near McCalls. “I recognized Marty Oldham in the truck and I knew he didn’t have any driver’s license,” said Sgt. Reed. “I pulled up and started talking about his license and he seemed really nervous. I ask him if he had anything illegal in the truck.”

Officers Derek Gann and Danny Meador joined Sgt. Reed, and after receiving permission to search, the officers found 68 Sudafed pills and a bottle of Drano inside the vehicle, which are components used in manufacturing methamphetamine.

“I continued to talk with Marty and he kept getting more nervous by the minute,” Sgt. Reed said. “So, I walked to the tool box on the back on the truck and opened it on the passenger’s side of the box. Smoke and fumes immediately rolled out and I realized he was cooking meth.”

Sgt. Reed says there were actually two active meth labs in the tool box. “Soon as it hit me, I got away from the truck, placed Marty Oldham under arrest, and put him in the patrol car,” the Sgt. continued.

The Tennessee Methamphetamine Task Force Response Team was called from out of town and arrived in Lafayette around 9:30 p.m. to take care of the clean up. The GMC truck was seized and quarantined.

Lafayette Police Chief Stacy Gann would like to warn the public that these methods are very dangerous and if any of these components or labs are found they shouldn’t be touched. “If you find anything suspicious, give us a call at the department (666-4725) and we will check it out,” the chief said. “Any information will be kept confidential.”

“The officers did an excellent job in locating the labs, and for precautionary measures we sent Sgt. Reed to Macon County General Hospital to be checked out,” Gann added.  

Lt. Clint Hestand was also at the scene.


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