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MCHS Principal Addresses Concerns About Controversial Club


Macon County High School Principal Stephanie Meador addressed Macon County Board of Education members during their regular meeting on Thursday, September 12, speaking about a controversial new club called the GSA, or ‘Gay-Straight Alliance,’ rumored to be forming at MCHS.

According to Meador, a student recently requested information on the process for forming a student club.

“It was only last week that I was able to bring this student into my office and share with the student the process – the same process I share with every student who would have such a request,” she stated. “The first step is there must be a faculty sponsor for that club, the second thing would be that the faculty sponsor would come to meet with me and we would sit down and discuss the club, meetings, etc. At that point the students would be able to meet and conduct their meetings in whatever way they saw fit.”

Principal Meador went on to explain what the student hoped to promote by forming the GSA.

“According to the student, the intent and purpose was not to promote any type of lifestyle that others may not find pleasing or that that they might find disagreeable. The purpose was to try to decrease bullying not only within that group but in other groups as well.”

While phone calls from parents have been pouring in, Meador said there is no sponsor for the club and, until there is, the club cannot exist.

“There have been many things that have been said, assumed, talked about – that are not true,” she told the Board. “I will tell you that I did follow federal law and civil rights law, which says that I cannot deny any student group the opportunity to meet as long as they follow the same rules set for everyone else. I can tell you that at this time there is no such club at Macon County High School.”

In other business:

• Board members voted to approve the consent agenda (leave requests and trip requests).
• Motion C. under ‘old business’ was rescinded from the July 18, 2013 meeting. The rescinded motion approved the bid for a behavior interventionist speech pathologist for the 2013-2014 school year at $80/hr. for 8 hours a day for one year.
• The following policies were approved for revision on second reading: Policy 1.108 Nepotism, Policy 4.301 Interscholastic Athletics, Policy 6.200 Attendance, Policy 6.309 Zero Tolerance Offenses, Policy 1.802 Section 504 and ADA Grievance Procedures, Policy 3.202 Emergency Preparedness Plan, Policy 5.305 Family & Medical Leave, Policy 5.307 Physical Assault Leave, Policy 6.206 Transfer within the System, Policy 6.313 Suspension/Expulsion/Remand.
• Board members approved a bid of $13,003.99 for an auditorium lift.
• Board members approved a bid of $4,300 for a school audit for the 13-14 SY.
• Board members approved the installation of new lights at the Macon County High School practice field. The Board announced that the old lights are beyond repair and the parts are obsolete. The new lights will be installed with free labor and the Board will only be responsible for paying the electric bill.
• Board members elected Steve Walton as the new Board Chairman.
• Board members approved the SDHA Committee for the 13-14 SY. Members include: Dawn Thompson, David Painter, Linda Smith, David Flynn and Howard Cothron.
• The Board voted to adopt the Homebound Policy and send it to TSPA for review.
• Approval was granted to purchase a bus engine.
• The Board voted to approve the revision of Policy 4.6031 Criteria for Promotion and Retention on first reading.
• Board members granted approval for the Maintenance Supervisor to advertise for security cameras for four schools.
• The Board voted to approve special course work for Math 1910/Math 1920.
• The Macon County School Board will meet for a work session on Thursday, September 26 and in regular session on Thursday, October 3.