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Multiple Charges After Gas Drive Off

Last Saturday morning, Macon County law officers were notified to be on the look out for a white 4-door F250 Ford with yellow caution lights on top that was involved in a gas drive off from Pitcock’s Market in Gamaliel. “The owner had followed the guy, who was later identified as Gee, into Macon County,” said Sgt. Veatch, “He immediately notified us that the vehicle was in our jurisdiction and I came into contact with the truck on the east side of the county.”

After Sgt. Veatch pulled the vehicle over, there was a strong odor of alcohol coming from Allen Michael Gee and he did admit stealing the diesel fuel from the market in Gamaliel. The suspect exited the vehicle but refused a field soberity test, at which time enough evidence had been obtained to place him under arrest.

Alcohol was present in the vehicle, both full and empty containers.

Sgt. Veatch then checked for active warrants and he also checked on the status of the vehicle, later to find out that the truck had been stolen from a company in Cookeville, Tenn. two days prior on February 6.

The vehicle was towed from the scene and Gee was transported to the Macon County Sheriffs Office for booking. Sgt. Veatch charged him with driving under the influence, violation of seat belt law, driving on a suspended license, violation of implied consent, open container violation, buy/sell/rec/poss stolen property and habitual offender.

Bond is set at $27,000 and a General Sessions Court date is set for Feb. 12.

The case is still under investigation and possible leads concerning other area thefts in Macon and surrounding counties.



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