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Hwy 10 Hill Bid Letting May 23

“While communicating with TDOT Commissioner John Schroer back in January, 2014, I was informed then that May 23, 2014, would be the date set for the letting of bids for construction regarding this project (SR-10 from south of Goose Creek to SR 52 at the top of the hill),” said Mayor Shelvy Linville. “On February 7, 2014, myself and Macon County Road Supervisor Audie Cook attended the Construction Field Review for this project at TDOT Region 3 office in Nashville.”

The Mayor said he came away from that meeting feeling good and confident that this project was finally going to move forward as scheduled. “It’s good to see that contractors have already started clearing right-of-way and utilities being moved. I anticipate construction on the road itself will begin around the middle of July.”

The road to this bid letting actually began in the spring of 2013 when Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam and TDOT Commissioner John Schroer released the three-year transportation plan and the Highway 10 South Hill project, involving a 1.7 mile stretch was not included and it seemed once again that the project was put on the backburner.

Two weeks later an article appeared on the front page of the Macon County Chronicle, interviewing Mayor Linville, who was concerned about this set back. Shortly after, a public meeting was set with Tennessee Department of Transportation’s Deputy Commissioner and Chief Engineer Paul Degges to discuss Highway 10 in Macon County. After he finished speaking and explaining the situation, Mayor Linville commented that he was very disappointed that construction would not begin in February of 2014 as originally scheduled, but he remained cautiously optimistic that funding would be in the 2014-2015 budget for construction.

However, Mayor Linville’s persistence in communicating with TDOT seemed to have paid off when he received a letter from Schroer on Friday, June 14, 2013, stating that the department had been monitoring crash reports occurring on State Route 10 in this vicinity and that he was pleased to report that he had been able to identify funding under one of the safety programs, to deliver the project.

Commissioner Schroer also said that he could certainly appreciate the mayor’s position and that he shared Linville’s goals in wanting to provide the safest roads possible for all Tennesseans, therefore he had directed his staff to accelerate the schedule of the project.

Everybody that was involved in this project in any capacity had to have their material turned in by March 12, 2014 and the bids will be let on May 23, 2014.






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