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Attempted 1st Degree Murder

According to the Macon County Sheriff’s Department incident report the victim, Ms. Terri Likens, was at her home with her current boyfriend, Kyle Likens, on September 14, 2014, when they heard someone coming through the front door and saw Mr. Newberry standing in the living room with a gun in one hand and a claw hammer in the other.

Newberry allegedly pointed the gun back and forth between Likens and her boyfriend, muttering things like ‘You’ve taken everything from me and ruined my life.’

While Newberry had the gun pointed at the male victim, Ms. Likens jumped from the sofa and tried to run to the master bedroom where she kept a weapon.

While running past Newberry, he struck her in the head with an unknown object, yet she was able to make it the bedroom.

Newberry then chased after her and Likens’ boyfriend attempted to chase Newberry, but was told to get on his knees while a gun was held to his head.

A scuffle ensued in the bedroom between Likens and Newberry, and Mr. Miller jumped on Newberry’s back and put him in a choke hold. 

According to the victim’s account, Newberry loosened his grip on the gun and Likens was able to take it from him and unload the weapon. Newberry then went for the claw hammer, but dropped it when Mr. Miller pointed Likens’ pistol at him. 

Mr. Newberry was said to go from being angry to bursting into tears, and he advised Likens that he was leaving town. 

Likens convinced Newberry that he should go see his mother before leaving and she and Mr. Miller followed him to his mother’s house.

The victim stated that when they pulled on Ferguson Road, Newberry took off and she and Kyle drove to Newberry’s mother’s Kerry Street residence and advised her about what had just happened. At that time, she contacted the sheriff’s department.

Mr. Newberry had just been released from jail on September 11, 2014 for violating an order of protection filed against him.

Newberry was recently apprehended and charged with two counts of attempted 1st degree murder, aggravated burglary, violation of order of protection and two counts of violation of probation. His bond is set at $100,000.

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