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Counterfeit Money is Everywhere…Beware!

According to LPD Lt. Jason Roberts there are a lot of $100 and $20 counterfeit bills being distributed. “Counterfeit money has been used at Sonic, Jr. Food Store, Dollar General Store and Advanced Auto Parts in the last week alone,” said Lt. Roberts. “I am encouraging the merchants to check every $100 and $20 bills to make sure they are real, along with the rest of their money as well.”

“One woman reported to me that she was at Macon County General Hospital and an older man was there wanting to get a snack out of a machine and all he had was a $100 bill,” continued Lt. Roberts. “The woman indicated to me that she was sure the individual had no idea the bill was counterfeit, nor did she when she made change for him. Unfortunately, when she tried to make a purchase at a store in Westmoreland, the $100 bill was bad.”

Roberts says that these bills can change through several hands and you need to take precautions so something like this won’t happen to you. “If somebody ask you to make change for a bill, don’t do it.”

“I guarantee you there is a lot more counterfeit money here in Lafayette, so please beware folks,” said Lt. Roberts. 

 If you have any suspicious bills, please call the Lafayette Police Department at 615-666-4725.

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