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Many RBS Residents Without Water

According to RBS Water Department Supervisor Chad Owens, the water they are able to get running through the lines is being depleted as fast as it’s being produced, which does not allow the City’s two water plants to build up enough supply to fill the water tanks.

Owens stated that while some leaks in the water lines have been detected and repaired, residents must be observant of their surroundings to help assist the water department in identifying remaining issues.

“We are asking that people be conservative with their water use, check their water meters and lines for leaks and to report anything obvious so we can get it fixed,” Owens stated. “We’re hoping we can have these issues resolved in two-to-three days. We are working around the clock to get water to the people of Red Boiling Springs.”

According to Owens, the City cannot receive assistance from Lafayette, due to Lafayette’s own decreased water supply.

In the midst of the chaos, Red Boiling Springs’ largest industry, Nestle Waters, has stepped up to help residents dealing with water outages by supplying the City with pallets of bottled water to be distributed to those without water and has even offered up employees to help fix water leaks.

While the City of Lafayette is not experiencing any water outages, they are asking residents to remain conservative with their water use until further notice.

“What that means is to be aware of your water use – don’t waste and use at a normal rate,” stated Lafayette Public Works Director Phillip Brawner. “Contact the City if you have any frozen pipes, be observant of your home and report any excess running water outside. Be proactive by walking around your home to observe any signs of a water leak. Also, when we are experiencing warmer temperatures, leaving your water dripping can be a hinderance.”

As of Sunday, February 22, Brawner stated the City was supplied with about half of its usual storage capacity. 

“We are not able to get any water from Trousdale County, because they are struggling too,” he remarked. “If we are able to get our own supply back and help Red Boiling Springs we will, but at this time we need to work on maintaining our own system.”

 Red Boiling Springs residents should report any issues including frozen pipes, possible water leaks or water outages, by calling Red Boiling Springs City Hall at (615) 699-2011. Lafayette water customers should report these issues by calling Lafayette City Hall at (615) 666-2194.

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