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School Board Votes on Dress Code Changes, Trap Team Honored

The changes to the dress code come after the presentation of a student-signed petition during the board’s September meeting, when a Macon County High School senior submitted the 300 signatures and requested that the dress code be reviewed and updated.

The board approved the following changes to the 6-12 dress code:

  • Shorts may be worn as long as they are to the top of the knee while standing. (formerly stated knee length while standing)
  • Skirts, dresses and jumpers may be no shorter than to the top of the knee while standing. (formerly stated knee length while standing)
  • Leggings may be worn as long as they are covered to the top of the knee. (formerly leggings were prohibited)
  • See through clothing below the shoulders is prohibited. (formerly states that all see through clothing was prohibited)
  • All shirts must have sleeves fully covering the shoulders and underarms. (formally stated that all shirts must have sleeves)
  • No high spiked mohawk hairstyles are allowed. (formerly stated that all spiked or mohawk hairstyles were prohibited)
  • Any offense could result in BI or ALC. (formerly stated that any offense shall result in ALC)

A second and final reading will be made on the dress code during the board’s November meeting.

An inspection of the American Greetings building was also discussed by the board, which voted to approve a structural inspection of the building at no cost by the engineering firm Oliver, Little and Gibson. The board is interested in purchasing and utilizing the building.

Board members approved the the posting of a new position at Macon County High School – Graduation Specialist – contingent upon a recently awarded grant. The high school was recently awarded grant money in the amount of $100,000 to hire a graduation specialist for the 15-16 SY. The money will also be used for equipment and materials needed for the position. The goal of the graduation specialist will be to increase the graduation rate at MCHS by targeting at-risk students. 

Board members also honored the Macon County High School Trap Team during last week’s meeting, presenting the team and the coaches with a resolution honoring the team’s outstanding season. The MCHS Trap team attended the regional shoot, the AIM State Championship in Nashville, the SCTP State Championship in Nashville and the AIM Grand National Shoot in Sparta, Illinois, with a junior class D category win in first place and a sub junior class C category win in third place.

Congratulations to trap team members and coaches Jerry Driver, Jason Dyer, Jimmy Dyer and Chris Trent. 

In other business:

The board agenda was approved as presented.

The consent agenda was approved (minutes of previous meeting, leave requests).

Old Business:  

The following policies were revised on second and final reading – Policy 2.800 – Expenditure of Funds, Policy 2.805 – Purchasing, Policy 4.602 – GPA and Class Ranking (clarification of the current policy), Policy 5.3021 Sick Leave Bank and Policy 6.317 – Student Disciplinary Hearing Authority. 

The following policies were adopted on second and final reading: Policy 3.218 – Service Animals in District Facilities, Policy 5.118 – Background Investigation

New Business:

Board members approved the LEA Compliance Report for the 15-16 SY.

Approval was granted to advertise for bids for two used buses.

Approval was granted on roll call to purchase a new bus from Central State Bus Sales, Inc.. using the bid from last November (bid is good for one year).

The board rescinded the March 12, 2015 board meeting motion to approve the commitment for Strong Tower Church to use Macon County Jr. High School for their services pending a contract to be drawn up by the board attorney. Following the approval to rescind that motion, the board voted to approve the commitment for Strong Tower Church to use Macon County High School for their services beginning in February 2016 for one year.

A work session was scheduled for Thursday, November 5, at 6 p.m.

The next regular board meeting is set for Thursday, November 12, at Red Boiling Springs School at 6 p.m.

Absent from the meeting was board member Jeff Harper.

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