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Non Resident – Ray Clements v Et All

Ray Clements, Plaintiff
vs.              Case No. 5318
Justin Summers, Mickey Faye Clements, Marty Summers, Paul Summers, Carroll Clements, Calvin Clements, Roger Tudor, Cynthia Kramer, JoAnn Moses, Shirley Brewer, Stewart Wilson, and the Unknown Heirs of Kermit Clements Cothron,
It appearing from the Complaint in this cause, which is sworn to that there are unknown heirs of Kermit Clements Cothron. That the addresses for the unknown heirs cannot be ascertained upon diligent inquiry, such that ordinary process of law can be served upon them.
It is, therefore, ORDERED that the unknown heirs of Kermit Clements Cothron enter their appearance herein within thirty (30) days after December 1, 2015, same being the date of the last publication hereof and make defense to the complaint filed in the above cause which seeks the recognition and establishment of the lost will of Kermit Clements Cothron, otherwise said complaint will be taken for confessed and cause proceeded with ex parte.
It is, therefore, ORDERED that a copy pif this Notice be published for four (4) consecutive weeks in the “Macon County Chronicle,” a newspaper having general circulation in Macon County, Tennessee.
Kristin Reid, Clerk & Master

James D. White, Jr., BPR#010313, 101 Green Street, PO Box 333, Celina, Tennessee 38551, (931)243-3535