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Winding Stairs Park to Open on Weekends

“The park will be open from 8 a.m. in the mornings till 7 p.m. at night on Saturdays and Sunday only for right now,” said City Mayor Richard Driver. “The trails will be open, but some of them we will keep closed because they are a little too dangerous right now for anyone to use, but hopefully when we get the grant money, we can start working more on the trails and also construct bathrooms and an observation deck.”

“However, the pavilion is finished and there are also picnic tables now,” said the Mayor.

Mayor Driver says that Winding Stairs is one of the hidden gems of Macon County. “We want everyone to be able to go and see the beautiful park, which is just right in our back yard. We only ask that you respect the park and take care of it and we also want to remind folks that this is a city park and you are not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages there.”

“We would like to ask the community if they see anyone damaging the park or illegally drinking to please contact Lafayette City Hall or the police department. 

 “We want to perserve the park for generations to come,” added Mayor Driver. “Winding Stairs is a natural beauty and we are blessed to have it in our community. Enjoy it, but take care of it.” 

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