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Assault With Tire Iron

William Brawner

A Lafayette woman is in a Nashville hospital this week after her husband hit her in the head with a tire iron over the weekend. 

According to a report by Officer Derrick Gann, of the Lafayette Police Department, on Saturday, July 16, he was called to 612 Days Road, where Krystal Dawn Brawner was reported to have been hit in the head with a tire iron by her husband, William Jason Brawner. 
Upon arrival, Officer Gann, saw a female juvenile running toward the road to stop him and when he got out of his  patrol car, he also saw the female victim, Krystal Brawner, running toward him.
Officer Gann states that Krystal’s head, face, neck, shirt and arms were covered with blood and she stated that she had to get in his car before her husband killed her. “I then opened the door and advised her and the two children to get inside,” – Officer Gann.
At this point backup had arrived, and when the officers asked Mrs. Brawner if her husband was inside, she stated that she didn’t know.
LPD Sgt. Looper and Officer Gann approached the residence and began to clear it. They found another child sleeping in a bedroom, who appeared to be unharmed.
After the officers cleared the bottom floor, they went unstairs and cleared the room, but did not find Brawner. However, there was a large amount of blood pooled on the mattress, along with blood splatter on the floor and on a tower fan that had been knocked over. They also found a tire iron laying in the floor that had blood on the handle and there was a trail of blood leading to the stairway.
During this time, William Jason Brawner showed up at the Macon County Sheriffs Office. Officer Gann preceded to return inside the residence with the EMS to get the sleeping child. EMS then transported Krystal and the three children to get them away from the scene.
Officer Gann retrieved the tire iron and took photos and video evidence of the crime scene.
In a written statement, Jason Brawner said the couple had been arguing over the children for the past few days and while they were laying in bed, Krystal said something to him and he raised up and hit her in the face two or three times with his closed fist, then reached in the floor and picked up the tire iron and hit her in the face two or three times. Then he got up and left.
William Jason Brawner drove to the Sheriffs Office where he was detained and he stated that he felt like Krystal “had this coming”, and deserved it.
During Brawner’s interview, he told officers he had a history of meth use.
Brawner was charged with aggravated assault and booked into the Macon County Jail under a $50,000 bond. Derrick Gann was the arresting officer.
Mrs. Brawner was transported to Vanderbilt Hospital on Saturday night, where she remains at presstime.
This is an on-going investigation.