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State Primary & County General Election: Thursday, August 4


The State Primary & County General Election will be held this Thursday, August 4.

On Election Day polls will open at 9 a.m. and close at 7 p.m., and voters must vote at their designated precinct location.

Precinct locations are as follows: Precinct/District 1 – RBS High School, Precinct/District 2 – Willette Community Center, Precinct/District 3 – Macon County High School, Precinct/District 4 – Macon County Jr. High School, Precinct/District 5 – Westside Elementary School, Precinct/District 6 – Cross Road Community Center, Precinct/District 7 – National Guard Armory, Precinct/District 8 – Macon County Welcome Center, Precinct/District 9 – Central Elementary School, Precinct/District 10 – Lafayette Elementary School.
A total of 1,015 early votes and 36 absentee votes have already been cast in this election. 
Macon County Administrator of Elections Barry Doss recommends that smart phone users download the GoVoteTN app. The app allows users to plug their name into a search engine. The app will then supply users with information regarding their voter registration, where to vote and a list of candidates.
“It’s a great app with lots of useful information,” Doss stated. “The information provided should reduce calls about where to vote on Election Day.”
The following positions and candidates will appear on the ballot for the August 4 State Primary & County General Election:
Tennessee House of Representatives 38th Representative District 
Republican Primary
Kelly Keisling (incumbent)
Joey Zachary
Democratic Primary
F. Mike Campbell
United States House of Representatives 8th Congressional District
Republican Primary
Diane Black (incumbent)
Joe S. Carr
Tommy N. Hay
Donald Strong
Democratic Primary
David W. Kent
Flo Matheson
County General Election
Assessor of Property 
Rick Shoulders (Incumbent)
Road Supervisor
Audie Cook (Incumbent)
Charles ‘Chop’ Porter
School Board Districts 5 & 6
Rebekah Tuttle (Incumbent)
School Board Districts 7 & 8
Jeff Harper (Incumbent)
Michael Underwood
School Board Districts 9 & 10
Steve Walton (incumbent)
Bryan K. Nichols
Constable Districts 7 & 8
Tony W. Law
Judicial retention questions will also appear on the ballot for the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and Court of Criminal Appeals.
For additional information please contact the Macon County Election Commission office at (615) 666-2199.