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City of RBS Fined $36,238 by Tennessee Regulatory Authority

According to the minutes from the September council meeting, city officials met with the TRA Board and both parties agreed that the City would pay a $10,000 fine within two weeks. The TRA will look at six things the City has done concerning the violations, and if they’re satisfied with the results, the fine will be reduced by $4,238, and the remaining $22,000 of the fine will be used by the City to improve the gas system with a one-year time limit for completion. 

The City must also give the TRA a list of proposed improvements for their approval.

The Chronicle recently contacted TRA Public Information Officer Tim Schwarz, who was able to release the following statement on behalf of the agency:

“The City of Red Boiling Springs has been assessed for pipeline safety violations, including a failure to timely investigate a gas odor leak, failure to conduct leak surveys, failure to perform corrosion monitoring, and failure to patrol the system. This matter is on-going  and the City has worked with the Gas Pipeline Safety Division of the TRA to resolve the violations and bring the gas system into compliance with Federal and State safety requirements.”

The motion was made to pay the $10,000 fine out of the Natural Gas account, and amended to include the spending of $22,000 for gas system improvements. The motion and amendment carried. 

In other business: 

  • The motion carried to allow Pam Dean and Carol Little to use the pavilion in Palace Park to create a Christmas Village, complete with Santa’s Workshop. If any profits are made from selling suckers and popcorn balls, it will go to the charity of their choice.
  • Ronnie Mowell spoke to council members asking for approval to dedicate a portion of the road to Charles Smalling, who gave his life serving our country in Vietnam, and to designate a day as “Charles Smalling Day.” Terry Gann would allow a sign to be put on his property at the corner of Highway 52 and Highway 56. Mr. Mowell stated that he spoke with Macon County Mayor Steve Jones, and he will meet with him again if his request is approved by the council. There would be no cost the City. Council members voted to approve Mr. Mowell’s request.
  • The motion carried to approve an employee evaluation report that will increase police office Phil Harper’s salary by .30 cents an hour (retroactive to August). 
  • The motion carried to promote Justin Adams to full-time police officer, replacing Danny Meador who resigned from full-time but will remain part-time. 
  • The motion carried to give Assistant Police Chief Jimmy Morgan a $50 gift card from TSC. Officer Morgan was named Officer of the Week at 94.7 The Country Giant radio station.
  • The motion carried to hire Kiley Hall, Jr. as prisoner overseer.  
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