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Retail Package Sales Referendum Passes

While there are no ordinances in place yet, it’s expected that the referendum will allow retailers to sell alcoholic beverages, malt beverages, wine and distilled spirits to consumers.

The controversial referendum gained enough signatures in 2015 to be put on the November 8, 2016 ballot, and will allow package stores to operate within the city limits.

The approval of package stores does not include liquor by the drink sales at restaurants or other business establishments.

City voters also elected incumbents RBS Mayor Tom Fultz and unopposed city council member George McCrary.

With three council seats open, two candidates that qualified as write-ins were also elected – Cynthia Smalling and Leelond Butram. 

The results of the RBS City Election are as follows:

Red Boiling Springs Mayor: Total of 419 votes

Tom Fultz – 226 (53.94%)

Terry Newberry – 175 (41.77%)

Lydia Lowe – 18 (4.30%)

Red Boiling Springs (Three selected): Total of 323 votes

George McCrary – 271 (83.9%)

Write-In (Cynthia Smalling) – 34 

Write-In (Leelond Butram) – 11

Retail Package Sales Referendum: Total of 346 votes

To Permit – 191 (55.20%)

Not to Permit – 155 (44.80%)

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