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MCGH Announces Employees of the Year

Macon County General Hospital recognized their 2016 employees of the year at a ceremony in the conference room on Tuesday, March 7. 

Landi Oliver Shrum was awarded the 2016 Nursing Employee of the Year and Tim Emerton was awarded the 2016 Non-Nursing Employee of the Year.

The employees of the year are nominated by their peers.

MCGH 2016 Nursing Employee of the Year – Landi Oliver Shrum

This employee possesses all the qualities to be chosen as Employee of the Year. She has been an employee at Macon County General Hospital for fourteen years, starting her career here while still in school. In nursing ranks, she is one of the nurses having the most years of service at this facility.

She treats her colleagues with professional courtesy and has excellent work ethics. She is very supportive and often helps other departments making it easier for them to do their jobs and saving the patients from additional discomfort.
She is a great team assset and has a very professional manner. And while at all work places, conflicts sometimes arise, she works to resolve the problems and set aside differences without involving other employees or the nursing director. She always has a very professional image and works to create a positive environment.

Because of her work ethics she is now always the most popular co-worker but when it comes to patient care, she is one of the most popular according to patient surveys. She is often complimented and praised for her nursing duties and often goes above required care services according to patients. She is very compassionate and exceeds the patients’ expectations.

She definitely has the skills and training, but she also has enthusiasm. She completes assigned tasks, is very organized and has a superior reputation for customer service. She is honest, friendly, can multi-task and solve problems. She is a great employee to work with.

She is definitely deserving to be the employee of the year.
Congratulations and thank you, Landi Oliver Shrum, LPN!

MCGH 2016 Non-Nursing Employee of the Year – Tim Emerton

This employee has a heart for service to others which is demonstrated on a regular basis by his actions. He is always ready to assist fellow employees – hospital wide. For example, he has been known to help the maintenance crew move heavy equipment and to help with moving and transporting emergency room patients who either could not or would not assist in moving themselves. These same actions prove he is a team player. He is not one to stop at departmental lines if a helping hand is needed elsewhere.

He treats his patients with respect and dignity. He takes that extra minute or so needed to let patients know what he will be doing to/for them. He strives to make sure his patients are as comfortable as possible within the requirements of the testing to be done. He is very conscientious about shielding patients when appropriate. He does not discuss patient’s tests of test results with those who have no need to know.

He is a willing mentor to students and new employees. The Service Learning Students from the local high schools often request placement in the Imaging department because they have heard about him from previous students. He is willing to teach and his open friendly nature helps motivate those being taught.

He reports for work on time and ready to begin work. He willingly pulls his share of ‘odd’ shifts and has been known to volunteer for holiday hours so other departmental employees are able to participate in their family celebrations. He is very modest about the things he does to help those he knows need help. He stands ready to contribute time, energy and resources where needed.

His wonderful sense of humor is evidence of his positive attitude toward both his personal and professional lives. Although he is very serious about performing his job, he can laugh at himself and with others including the patients with whom he works. The humor he demonstrates is never mean-spirited, disrespectful or deliberately inappropriate.

He is an all-around good employee who seems to be a natural when it comes to service excellence. MCGH is fortunate to have him as part of the hospital family.
Congratulations and thank you, Tim Emerton!