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Criminal Court to Convene This Week

By Debbie Gregory

Criminal Court will convene this week on Friday, July 14, at the Macon County Justice Center  at 9 a.m. with the Honorable Judge Brody Kane presiding.


According to the records of Macon County Circuit Court Clerk Rick Gann, various cases involving meth, attempted first degree murder, burglary, theft, statutory rape, aggravated domestic assault, first degree murder, forgery, and other charges will come before Judge Kane.

State of Tennessee vs:

Linda A. Anderson – promoting methamphetamine manufacture, schedule III drugs: mfg/del/sell/poss., schedule II drugs: mfg/del/sell/poss.

Juan Barrera – rape of a child.

Matthew F. Beasley – first degree attempted murder, false reports to officer.

Charles R. Bogle Jr. – aggravated burglary, theft of property ($10,000-$60,000).

Richard W. Bohanan – probation violation.

Richard W. Bohanan – contra in penal facility.

Roy Boyd Jr. – probation violation.

William Brawner – aggravated domestic assault, attempted first degree murder.

Wesley C. Brown – home improvement provider- fail to refund money, theft of property ($60,000-$250,000).

Travis Buckley – probation violation.

Lacie Cockrell – false reports to officer.

Dustin Coleman – meth: mfg/del/sale, poss with intent, schedule II drugs: mfg/del/sell/poss., possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia, seat belt law.

Crystal Conner – probation violation.

Stephen Michael Crabtree – theft of property ($500-$1,000).

Austin Davneport – statutory rape, solicitation of a minor-statutory rape, contributing to the delinquency of a child.

Jason Paul Davis – aggravated burglary, aggravated criminal trrespass, vandalism up to $500.

Bobby G. Ervin – domestic assault.

Bobby G. Ervin – promoting methamphetamine manufacture, initiate manufacture of methamphetamine, aggravated domestic assault, possession of weapon-convicted felon.

Dylan Ferguson – arson, vandalism ($10,000-$60,000).

Dylan Ferguson – first degree murder.

Dylan Ferguson – attempted escape (felony), vandalism.

Kirk Edward Fishburn – aggravated burglary, theft of property.

Kirk Edward Fishburn – schedule II drugs: mfg/del/sell/poss., possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia.

Jon Fudge III – possession of drug paraphernalia, aggravated assault, domestic assault.

Rodney A. Garrett – first degree murder, attempted aggravated burglary.

Rodney A. Garrett – first degree murder.

Douglas Fermin Guzman – statutory rape.

Casey Adam Hagan – attempted escape (felony), vandalism.

Casey Adam Hagan – aggravated child abuse.

Vonda Kay Hardman – meth: mfg/del/sale/poss. with intent, schedule VI drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Vonda Kay Hardman – schedule II drugs: mfg/del/sell/poss., schedule IV drugs: mfg/del/sell/poss.

David A. Hauskins – probation violation.

Misty Dawn Hewgley – aggravated burglary, theft of property ($10,000-$60,000), theft of property ($1,000-$2,500).

Misty Dawn Hewgley – theft of property, meth: mfg/del/sale/poss. with intent.

Alicia G. Hix – forgery.

John Mark Hix – hindering secured creditor.

Jackie Stanley Knight – criminal simulation.

William Paul Lyons – probation violation (4 cts.).

Tyler Beatty Manning – probation violation.

Ronnie L. Marlow – probation violation.

Jacob Lee McMurtry – rape of a child, incest.

Christopher Mitchell – arson, vandalism.

Christopher Mitchell – aggravated burglary, aggravated kidnapping, assault, theft of property, aggravated criminal trespass.

Richard L. Murphy – theft of property.

Keithandre T. Murray – first degree murder, attempted aggravated robbery.

Keithandre T. Murray – first degree murder.

David Andrew Price – probation violation (2 cts.).

Sabastaion Ramos – aggravated statutory rape.

Joshua P. Ray – probation violation.

Christopher Cody Robinson – schedule II drugs: mfg/del/sell/poss., possession of drug paraphernalia, criminal trespass.

Bradley Shoulders – theft of property.

Cheyenne Roze Snead – theft of property, vandalism, possessions of drug paraphernalia.

Jeffrey Dewayne Strong – schedule III drugs: mfg/del/sell/poss.

Jeffrey Dewayne Strong – theft of property ($2,500-$10,000), theft of property ($1,000-$2,500), theft of property ($10,000-$60,000).

Stephen E. Sullivan – first degree murder. 

Stephen E. Sullivan – driving while license suspended, possesion of unlawful drug paraphernalia, criminal impersonation, muffler law, display of registration plates.

Anthony Dale Summers – probation violation.

Charles E. Swaffer – possession of a handgun-convicted felon.

Debbie L. Thompson – schedule II drugs: mfg/del/sell/poss.

James Allen Tipton – sexual offender registration form contents required.

James R. Tripp Jr. – probation violation.

Kaitlin Elizabeth Ward – meth: mfg/del/sale/poss with intent, schedule II drugs: cocaine, schedule II drugs: mfg/del/sell/poss., possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of firearm intent to go armed (dangerous felony), possession without prescription, criminal conspiracy.

Joseph A. Whittemore – theft of property ($2,500-$10,000), burglary, auto burglary, theft of property ($10,000-$60,000), vandalism.

Richard Dewayne Williams – especially aggravated kidnapping, assault, aggravated burglary, theft up to $1,000.

Emily Faye Wix – probation violation.

Michael Thomas Woodard – aggravated child abuse.

Dustin A. Wright – probation violation.

Dustin A. Wright – assault.