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Man Arrested Twice in Two Days for Same Crime

By Jessie Williams

A Lafayette man was recently arrested twice, in two days, for the same crime.


According to Macon County Sheriff Mark Gammons, Sergeant Kyle Petty was dispatched to the Bandy Road/Jamestown Road area on June 24, concerning an individual trespassing on private property. 

“Once Sergeant Petty arrived, he was able to make contact with the subject – 30-year-old Adam Wiseley,” the sheriff explained. “Mr. Wiseley was burning copper wire on the property and did not have permission from the owner. Sergeant Petty, with assistance from Deputy Tim Freeman, began his investigation and found a silver car containing weed eaters, a leaf blower, steel wheels, grater blades, auto batteries, rolls of aluminum and other scrap metal.”

Mr. Wisely was placed under arrest at that time on the charge of criminal trespassing, and the vehicle was brought to the Macon County Sheriff’s Office to investigate the possible thefts. 

He was soon able to make bond and was released. 

Just two days later on June 26, Macon County Sheriffs Department Deputy Josh Boles was dispatched to Galen Road to investigate a possible trespasser.

“The property owner said a green, S10 pickup pulled onto the property and was there for several minutes before leaving,” Sheriff Gammons stated. “As Deputy Boles was speaking with the property owner, the pickup truck passed by, and he was able to make a traffic stop after the driver ran a stop sign.”

The driver was identified as Adam Wiseley and, after further investigation by Deputy and Boles and Deputy William Tuck, it was discovered he had no drivers license, improper registration and no insurance. 

In addition, the vehicle he was driving was loaded down with various pieces of scrap metal. 

Wiseley was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing, theft of property, driving without a license, driving an unregistered vehicle, failure to stop for stop sign and financial responsibility violation. The truck was towed to the sheriff’s department and Wiseley’s bond was revoked. 

“We believe Mr. Wiseley was trespassing onto people’s property and picking up items he could scrap for cash,” said the sheriff. “Some of the property owners have already identified some of the items. We are continuing to investigate and locate additional property owners.”