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Flex to Expand Facility, Hire 30 New Employees

By Jessie Williams

Flex Technologies, located on Brattontown Circle in Lafayette, recently announced plans to expand its facility and hire 30 additional employees. 


The plant is currently waiting for approval from the City of Lafayette for site plans and permits to begin the 20,000 foot expansion. 

The Lafayette plant has been operating for over 30 years, and the facility has been expanded several times since its construction.

“We simply need more room to do the work we’ve already gotten,” Plant Manager Jim Andrews  stated. “We’ve had huge capital improvements over the last three to four years and we are hoping the expansion will be completed by the end of the year.”

Along with the growth of the facility, the local plant is adding 30 new, permanent, full-time employees.

“We are currently taking local applicants and have also enlisted the help of a temp agency,” said Andrews. “Applicants must pass a required drug screening and complete a 90-day probation period.”

For more information on employment at Flex Technologies, contact Angela Stafford at (615) 666-6677. 

The Lafayette Flex Technologies plant services the auto industry, with General Motors being one of their biggest clients. The plant provides the production of value-added assemblies and injection-molded components including, but not limited to: drain tube assemblies, vacuum/air assemblies, fluid assemblies and mechanical cable assemblies (hood release, break, throttle, choke cables, etc.), and ships internationally.