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Missing Man Found Dead

By Debbie Gregory

The Lafayette Police Department said that the dead body of a Gallatin man, reported missing from Lafayette in June, was found on Price Lane on July 15.


According to Lt. Jason Roberts, of the Lafayette Police Department, they took a report on June 25, of a missing person named Trevor Vick, who was last seen in Lafayette on June 24. “Mr. Vick was living in Gallatin with his girlfriend, when some people he knew from Lafayette, picked him up in Gallatin and brought him up here on Friday, June 23,” said Lt. Roberts. “He spent the night in Lafayette and walked out of an Akersville Road apartment around 10:30 a.m. on Saturday morning and apparently turned off his phone and nobody has seen or heard from him since.”   

Lt. Roberts said on July 15, a land owner was trimming some limbs around the edge of his property on Price Lane, when he smelled something, thinking it might have been an animal. After looking around he discovered a body hanging in a tree and notified the police department.

“We recovered the body and although we couldn’t identify it, we believed it to be the missing man,” said Lt. Roberts. “We had to send the body for forensic identification, and we received notification on Wednesday night that it was Trevor Vick.” 

This incident is still under investigation.