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RBS City Attorney Resigns, Lafayette’s Attorney Hired as Replacement

Attorney for the City of Red Boiling Springs Christi Dalton resigned from her position on Monday, July 31, 2017, according to a letter she submitted to interim RBS City Mayor Joel Coe. 


In the letter, Dalton sites the growth of her law practice and the amount of time she has had to spend on city business, as the reason for her departure. 

The letter submitted by Dalton accompanies this story. 

A special called meeting was held Thursday, August 3, to discuss hiring a new city attorney.
During the meeting, Mayor Joel Coe said he had been talking to Mr. Jimmy White, attorney at law, about hiring a city attorney after Christi Dalton resigned. “I would like for Mr. White to come up here and let us know what he has decided,” said the mayor. 

“I told Mayor Coe yesterday that I would be glad to talk to the council  and consider doing this,” said Mr. White. “I am the City Attorney in Lafayette, but I don’t see any conflict because actually Red Boiling Springs and Lafayette do not have any adversarial positions. I don’t know of anything you all have to deal with in Lafayette other than buying water, and that contract has been in place for some time and it has been renegotiated.”

“But, if you choose to ask me to become the RBS City Attorney, I would like to discuss it with the City of Lafayette,” said Mr. White, “because they are my employer. I don’t know of any reason it would take away from either city. I mean quite honestly, I’ve done local government work for 25 years. I’ve represented Macon County, Clay County, the City of Celina, the City of Lafayette and I guess the only one I’ve missed in this immediate area is the City of Red Boiling Springs.”

“But I think it’s only right that I talk to the City of Lafayette at the meeting on August 15,” continued Attorney Jimmy White. “I plan on being there and I will run it by them. I will explain that I won’t deduct from my obligation to them or you. It’s like two clients, in a small town I do a little of everything and I would be glad to take the job in Red Boiling Springs.”

“I make a motion that we hire Mr. Jimmy White as the RBS City Attorney,” said Mayor Coe. The motion was seconded. Voting yes: Hill, McCrary, Smalling, and Reardon. Motion carried.

The mayor said Mr. White had agreed upon the price he had told him. “We’ve done agreed on it.”

When the Macon County Chronicle contacted Lafayette Mayor Richard Driver for a comment on Lafayette City Attorney Jimmy White taking the RBS position too, he said, “I want to check with MTAS first to see what their opinion is. Then I will discuss it with the City Council and let them decide if there will be any conflict of interest. That is where we stand, as of right now.” 

Christi Dalton was paid $450 a month for the position. Mr. White will make $1,000 a month, which is also how much he makes representing the City of Lafayette.

In other business, Mr. Dale Brown was on the agenda for getting a raise. “He has been supervisor, and I think he needs his pay scale at $14 an hour.” A motion was made and seconded. Voting yes: Hill, McCrary, Smalling & Reardon. Voting no: Butram. Motion carried.

Councilman Butram got up and walked out. A councilman was heard saying it was because the raise wasn’t $16.

The council was going to discuss selecting a vice mayor, but Mayor Coe said since one councilman left, they would put it off.

The last thing on the agenda, was discussing the city policies and charters. “I have put together a packet for you all to look at,” said Mayor Coe. “Just take your time looking at it and if you have any questions feel free to call me.”

The meeting was adjourned.