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Local Man Tries to Free Wilson County Inmate

By Debbie Gregory
A 54-year-old Macon County man was arrested in Lebanon on Monday night, August 7, after he tired to free a Wilson County inmate, while wearing a Macon County Sheriff’s Office polo shirt.


According to the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office, Scott Ronald Dorris, came to the Wilson County Jail dressed as a law enforcement officer, wearing a Macon County Sheriff’s Office polo shirt, presenting himself as an employee of the MCSO and gave false documentation to correctional officers in an attempt to free inmate Richard Wayne Bohanan. The correctional officers recognized the false documents as well as other inconsistencies in Dorris’s appearance and demeanor.
Deputies and investigators quickly responded and Mr. Dorris was taken into custody.
Mr. Dorris was charged with Criminal Attempt to Facilitate an Escape and Criminal Impersonation of a Police Officer. He is currently being held in the Wlison County Jail on a $200,000 bond and he is scheduled to appear in court on August 22, 2017.
This investigation is on-going and there may be more individuals charged as a result of this incident.
The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office is working with the Macon County Sheriffs Office to determine how Mr. Dorris was able to obtain the uniform shirt.