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New Video Visitation Technology Implemented at Macon County Jail

The Macon County Sheriff’s Department has recently implemented a new video visitation system at the county jail.

The new technology was installed in an effort to keep out contraband and keep officers from having to escort inmates to and from the visitation room.
According to Macon County Sheriff Mark Gammons, visitors will still go to the same visitation room at the sheriffs office, but inmates will stay in their cells. Inmates and visitors will speak though telephones and see each other on video screens.
“This started due to the fact that the jail is overcrowded, and it isn’t safe for officers to transport inmates to the visitation room. We hope this will also control the amount of contraband being snuck in,” he said.
Sheriff Gammons stressed that inmates will still receive the same amount of time for visits, and inmates will be able to schedule their own times for visitors.
The new technology has been funded through the jails’s commissary funds and was of no cost to taxpayers.
“This system allows us to free up officers from having to escort inmates to the visitation room,” said the sheriff. “Instead, officers will spend that time making sure the jail is secure.”
Sheriff Gammons also urged those with any questions about the video visitation system to contact his office.