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Do You Know This Man? Lafayette Police Need Your Help!

By Debbie Gregory
The Lafayette Police Department is looking for this man, and they are hoping the public can help identify him, in connection with an attempted break in at Hometown Foods and a break in at Sunshine Market on August 25.


According to Lt. Jason Roberts, of the Lafayette Police Department, at 12:55 a.m. Friday, August 25, a male individual was caught on surveillance video throwing a brick into the front glass door at Hometown Foods in an attempted break in. “The man appeared to have on a hat, white tee shirt, shorts, shoes and a black watch,” said Lt. Roberts. “On the video the man looks like he was ducked down to go through the glass, but it didn’t bust.”
Hometown Foods is located at 514 Church Street.
Then at 1:11 a.m., there appears to be a male individual dressed in a white tee shirt pulled over his head, shorts and shoes, with a brick in his hand caught on another surveillance video – this time at Sunshine Market. “The man had a brick in his hand as he walked up to the drive thru at Sunshine Market,” said Lt. Roberts. “He threw the brick through the glass, punched out all the glass, jumped up on the drive thru and attempted to get the cash register but he couldn’t. Of course the alarm was going off at this time, so he just grabbed what he could, which looked like cigarettes, and then he took off toward the back of the store, located on Highway 52 By Pass West.”
“This appears to be the same person in both surveillance videos,” said Lt. Roberts. “First at Hometown Foods at 12:55 a.m., a person wearing the same kind of clothing attempts to break into Hometown Foods, 16 minutes later it looks like the same person, wearing the same clothes, doing the same thing at Sunshine Market. We need to find out who this man is.”
The Lafayette Police Department is asking for your help in identifying this male individual and if you have any information please call 615-666-4725.