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Tuck Fired, Then Allowed to Resign: City Council Overturns Chief’s Termination

By Debbie Gregory
Former Red Boiling Springs Chief of Police, Terry Tuck, was fired on July 13, 2017, amid allegations of misconduct, but at a special called meeting of the RBS City Council on Thursday, August 24, they voted to overturn Tucks’ termination and allow him to resign.

After calling roll, a motion was made and seconded to rescind the termination of Terry Tuck and to accept the resignation of Terry Tuck as Red Boiling Springs Chief of Police on this day, August 24, 2017.
This is effective August 31, and Mr. Tuck’s resignation was submitted for the record. Tuck will be paid his wages from July 13 through August 31, along with three weeks vacation pay, eight sick days and his Christmas Club account for a total of $7,837.37.
When Mayor Coe asked if there were any questions, Councilwoman Smalling had one.
“I have a question,” said the councilwoman. “Terry Tuck was terminated a few weeks ago, so how can he resign if he has already been terminated?”
“Because we rescinded his termination,” said RBS City Attorney Jimmy White.
“As you know, we have had certain correspondence with Mr. Chad White, Tuck’s attorney, relative to a grievance hearing or request for a hearing, and through our negotiations we have decided to put the matter to rest,” said Mr. White. “We have agreed that as opposed to going through a grievance hearing or anything to that effect, that we would say that we are taking back the termination and not going through the hearing and he is tendering his resignation, as he has, effective that date or through August 31.”
The motion carried and the meeting was adjourned.
Letter of Resignation:
“I, Terry Tuck, submit this irrevocable letter of resignation as an employee of the City of Red Boiling Springs pursuant to, and conditioned upon, an agreement reached with the City. This resignation is effective as of August 31, 2017. It has been a great honor to serve the City for so long, and I wish the City nothing but the best.”
Signed, Terry Tuck
August 24, 2017
Mayor Coe has decided to talk to each city councilman individually about who they would like to have as the RBS Chief of Police and base the decision on that.
Mayor Coe would also like for the citizens of Red Boiling Springs to know that he is being honest and up front on all city business and feel free to call him anytime if you have a question.