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Lafayette Police Arrest Break-In Bandit

By Debbie Gregory
The man accused of breaking into Sunshine Market and attempting to break into Hometown Foods has been arrested by the Lafayette Police Department.

According to Detective Shane Reed, of the LPD, officers were recently at the apartments at 705 Due West Circle to investigate suspicious narcotic activity going on. “While at Apartment A, the residents stated that 35-year-old Terry Robert Jenkins, who lived in Apartment B, mentioned that he had broken into Sunshine Market,” said Detective Reed. “While speaking to the renters in Apartment A, Terry Jenkins left his apartment. I was called to the scene, while county officers went to look for Mr. Jenkins and brought him back.”
Detective Reed says that he spoke to Mr. Jenkins and searched his apartment. “We found the clothes he was wearing during the break in and attempted break in on August 25.
As previously reported in the Macon County Chronicle, on Friday, August 25, at 12:55 a.m., a man was caught on surveillance video throwing a brick into the front door at Hometown Foods in an attempted break in, but the glass didn’t bust. Then at 1:11 a.m., exactly 16 minutes later, what looked like the same male individual was caught on surveillance video, this time at Sunshine Market. He had a brick in his hand as he walked up to the drive thru. He threw the brick through the glass, punched out all the glass, jumped up on the drive thru, reached inside the store and grabbed some cigarettes.
“Mr. Jenkins was transported to the Macon County Sheriffs Office on September 10, where we conducted an interview,” said Detective Reed. “During the interview he admitted to the break in and the attempted break in.”
Mr. Terry Jenkins was arrested and charged with vandalism and burglary. A General Sessions Court date has been set for October 18, 2017.