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Man Tased After Refusing to Exit Truck

By Debbie Gregory
A man was tased after he refused to exit his truck, when he was stopped by RBS Patrolman Phil Harper on Spivey Street.

On Sunday afternoon, October 1, Red Boiling Springs Patrolman Phil Harper noticed Lee Harrison Knight driving a maroon Toyota pickup truck on the Lafayette Road. According to Patrolman Harper’s report, he had prior knowledge that Mr. Knight didn’t have a valid drivers license and that he had several local warrants on him.
The report states that the patrolman stopped Mr. Knight on Spivey Street and after running his drivers license it confirmed they were suspended. When Patrolman Harper approached the vehicle, he told Mr. Knight that his license were suspended, that he had warrants on him and he had to go with him.
The report goes on to say that Mr. Knight said no and Patrolman Harper opened the truck door and told him to exit the vehicle. Mr. Knight cranked the truck and put it in gear. Harper told him to stop and Mr. Knight tried to take off. “I tased Mr. Knight and he bailed out the passenger side of the vehicle and ran,” according to Patrolman Harper.
Patrolman Harper stated that the truck was moving and almost struck him. He pursued Mr. Knight on foot reloading his taser and striking him again. Mr. Knight then went to the ground and Patrolman Harper was able to cuff him although he was resisting.
A search of the truck produced an eye glass case that contained two hypodermic needles and a spoon with a substance on it.
Mr. Knight was arrested and charged with attachment (2 counts), violation of probation, failure to appear, driving on a suspended license, resisting arrest, evading arrest, financial responsibility violation, aggravated assault, possession of drug paraphernalia and registration violation. Bond is set at $15,500. A General Sessions Court date is set for October 18.