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Allegations Fly at RBS City Hall: City Employee’s Wife Arrested

A Red Boiling Springs city employee’s wife was arrested on Monday, October 17, after allegedly threatening another city employee she suspected her husband of having an inappropriate relationship with.

According to an affidavit of complaint filed by Red Boiling Springs Chief of Police Kevin Woodard, the incident took place at Red Boiling Springs City Hall, where Woodard was dispatched in reference to someone threatening a city clerk.
“Upon my arrival, I found Mrs. Owens standing at the window and she was obviously upset,” the affidavit states.
Mrs. Owens, identified as 41-year-old Jamie Owens, was asked by Chief Woodard to step outside, and she then told RBS City Clerk Tessa Davis that she would “get her outside of work.”
The affidavit goes on to explain that further investigation found that Mrs. Owens was irate over an allegation concerning her husband, RBS Water Superintendent Chad Owens, and Ms. Davis.
“Mrs. Owens went to City Hall where Ms. Davis is employed and confronted her,” it states. “Mrs. Owens was causing a scene inside City Hall during business hours and while customers were coming inside. Mrs. Owens was yelling, cursing and threatening Ms. Davis. While doing this, Ms. Davis stated that she was afraid that Mrs. Owens was going to carry out her threats.”
Jamie Owens was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and simple assault and transferred to the Macon County Jail for booking.
“It is unfortunate that something like this happened,” remarked City of Red Boiling Springs Mayor Joel Coe. “I have called the Red Boiling Springs City Attorney to see what needs to be done. No action has been taken by the City yet. The situation today was handled by the RBS City police at city hall.”